The discovery of Mars has excited scientists. Is Mars suitable for human habitation?

In recent years, the prediction of the end of the world on earth has been issued frequently, and scientists have also conducted in-depth research on the celestial bodies in the universe. They predict that the life of the earth we live on is coming.

Although it seems exaggerated, we can’t deny that the earth is in overload operation at present, and the earth’s resources are slowly exhausted. Therefore, in order to continue human life, we have to find another livable planet suitable for human survival in the universe.

In addition to the earth, the eight major planets in the earth’s solar system are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, with 205 satellites and at least 500000 asteroids.

Even the kepler-90 galaxy, about 2545 light-years away from earth, has been explored. So why do scientists still focus on Mars?

Because scientists have found an incredible material on Mars, which makes them very excited. They even think that Mars is suitable for human habitation, and there is hope for human migration to Mars in the future.

What substance is it? Everyone must have the right answer in mind! Yes, it’s water. Water is the source of life. It’s because of water that the earth has given birth to thousands of kinds of life.

Italian scientists have discovered a liquid water lake under the ice near Mars’ South Pole by radar. According to them, the underground liquid water lake spans about 20 kilometers and is 1.5 kilometers below the surface of Mars.

In the whole solar system, Mars is the most similar planet to the earth. The rotation of Mars is very similar to that of the earth, with a rotation of 24 hours, 37 minutes and 22.6 seconds.

A day and night on Mars is a little longer than a day and night on earth. One revolution of Mars is about 687 days, and one year of Mars is about two years of the earth. There are obvious seasonal changes on Mars, which is the main similarity between Mars and the earth.

The surface of Mars is cold and dry, but scientists still find the existence of dry rivers and lake beds on the surface of Mars. A large number of traces of water erosion prove that liquid water once existed on Mars.

Although many people think that even if there is water on Mars, can it prove that it is suitable for human habitation? No, it’s not rigorous. But Xiaobian thinks that it is a matter of joy and excitement to find traces of water on Mars.

The discovery of extraterrestrial life is definitely not that simple. It’s too difficult to know a planet suitable for human habitation in such a vast universe. It’s like panning a grain of sand in the Sahara desert. It’s like taking a chance.

Therefore, the existence of water on Mars is a major discovery of human beings, there is water there is hope. What’s more, not every creature in the universe, like the earth, needs the coexistence of water, air and sunlight. Maybe their existence can be transformed into their own energy by absorbing cosmic rays!

Bold speculation is a big step forward in the future. With the continuous development of science and technology in the future, perhaps these conjectures can become reality. Do you think so, too? Welcome to comment area.

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