The discovery of “mysterious islands” in Antarctica is equivalent to Windsor Castle in England. What does it mean?

Since last year, the earth has experienced many extraordinary things, which can be summarized as “one wave is not flat, one wave rises again”. There is no doubt that these frequent natural disasters on earth are closely related to human behavior. Scientists have been paying close attention to the change of the earth’s glacial environment.

In the north and south poles, in addition to heavy glaciers, there are also a lot of frozen soil layers, which contain a lot of solid methane. If the methane is released, it will undoubtedly accelerate the earth’s greenhouse effect and enter a new vicious circle. In addition, there are many ancient biological remains in the permafrost, which may be destroyed Contains ancient viruses and bacteria. If these viruses and bacteria enter the atmosphere, it seems that we can’t cope with them at our current medical level, which is a test of life and death for human beings. However, these extraordinary things are already happening.

“Mysterious island” in Antarctica

In 2020, many countries will break the high temperature record, and the Antarctic will enter the 20 degree high temperature mode for the first time. Just some time ago, scientists found another phenomenon in Antarctica. A “mysterious” island has appeared in Antarctica. This mysterious island has been covered by ice and snow for tens of thousands of years. Due to the rising temperature and melting glaciers, this hidden island has reappeared in front of human beings.

This was discovered by scientists by accident when they passed through Pine Island Bay, Antarctica. Some huge stones appeared in front of the scientists. When the scientists looked at the map again, they realized that the stone was probably an unknown island. The area of this isolated island is 58937 square meters, which is comparable to Windsor Castle in England. Scientists are not only happy to see this castle, but also worried about it. This means that it is because of the rising temperature that the island shows its true colors.

Although the island has a large area, it has not been observed by satellite due to tens of thousands of years of ice cover. Scientists believe that the island is likely to surface in 2010. Although we can determine the change process of the island by studying the melting ice on the island, it also means that global warming has become more and more serious.

If the global glaciers continue to melt, then in the future, perhaps more small islands will reappear, followed by a series of unknown problems. If the sea level continues to rise, and a large number of cities are submerged to the bottom of the sea, where should human beings go to survive?

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