The discovery of new energy is far more powerful than nuclear energy. It is not a dream to fly out of the solar system with it

Human beings have stepped out of the earth and begun to explore the universe, and the key factor for human beings to step out of the earth is energy. Without powerful energy, there will be no progress in science and technology, and there will be no rocket boost to send satellites into space. It can be said that every energy revolution will bring great progress in human civilization, especially in space exploration.

Our satellites, detectors and spaceships can’t leave the earth’s gravity and enter space without the boost of rockets. This also shows that our energy is not strong enough. With more powerful energy, spaceships can enter and leave the earth freely without the boost of rockets. In space exploration, the speed of human aircraft seems to be fast, but in the universe with the distance unit of light years, the speed is slower than that of tortoise. Now it will take about half a year for us to set out from the earth to Mars, let alone reach the edge of the solar system, or even fly out of the solar system.

At the speed of our current spacecraft, we can’t fly out of the solar system at all. You should know that the thickness of the Oort Nebula on the edge of the solar system is 1 light year. At the speed of our current spacecraft, this light year’s distance may take at least 10000 years. If you want to fly out of the solar system, the speed of the spacecraft must at least reach the speed of sublight. If you want to explore some galaxies near the solar system, you need to reach the speed of light. If you want to fly out of the Milky way and explore further stars, the speed of the spaceship needs to exceed the speed of light.

If we want to make continuous breakthroughs in speed, we need more powerful new energy. The most powerful energy source for mankind is nuclear energy, but now we can only use nuclear fission, and controllable nuclear fusion is still under research. Even if controllable nuclear fusion is realized in the future, with the nuclear fusion engine, the fastest speed of spacecraft can only reach the speed of light. To achieve the speed of light, new energy more powerful than nuclear fusion energy is needed.

This new energy, which is more powerful than nuclear energy, is antimatter energy. Many friends have heard of antimatter. After Einstein put forward the theory of relativity, he calculated the total mass of the universe and found that the total mass of our universe is zero. The discovery excited Einstein. Einstein believed that after the big bang, the universe produced two kinds of matter, positive and negative, with equal mass. Later, matter became the mainstream of the universe, but antimatter didn’t know where to go. They might be hidden

Einstein did not find antimatter particles. Later, with the continuous progress of science and technology, some scientists found and made a little antimatter in the laboratory, which also proved the real existence of antimatter. When positive and negative matter collide, they will release huge energy, which is many times more powerful than nuclear energy. If the spaceship had antimatter as its energy source, it might have reached the speed of light.

Where did antimatter go? Some time ago, some scientists accidentally discovered the existence of antimatter when they used the latest equipment to carry out impact experiments on atoms. This discovery makes scientists excited, but also shows that antimatter may not disappear, it is just hidden in the deep inside of the atom, usually will not have any effect on the operation of the atom, only through a special impact can antimatter appear.

As long as the hidden position of antimatter is clear, sooner or later, human beings will have a way to guide them out completely. At that time, we will get a lot of antimatter. With these antimatter, human beings can build antimatter spacecraft, which can reach the speed of light and fly out of the solar system easily. This time also shows that the level of human civilization has been raised by one level, and the interstellar civilization has been improved preliminarily.

With the ability to fly at the speed of light, human spaceships can fly out of the solar system to explore the surrounding galaxies and find some earth like planets suitable for human habitation, and there will be a wave of Galaxy migration boom. However, although the speed of light is very fast, it can let us out of the solar system, but this speed is still slow in front of the vast universe, even the Milky way can not fly out.

Only superluminal flight can be regarded as a possible speed in the universe. However, to achieve superluminal flight, the source still needs more powerful energy than antimatter. This energy may be dark matter, which accounts for the most energy in the universe and is also a very mysterious energy. Dark matter energy is many times more powerful than antimatter energy. As long as the problem of energy is solved, it is possible for the spacecraft to achieve superluminal speed.

However, at present, we still need to realize controllable nuclear fusion research step by step. Only by mastering nuclear fusion technology can we slowly study antimatter, and finally dark matter energy. We believe that as long as we fully understand these three kinds of energy, human culture will also enter the advanced civilization of the universe.

Guys, what else do you think is more powerful in the universe? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your views.

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