The discovery of Noah’s Ark site, Noah’s Ark is not a myth, but a real existence in history?

In ancient mythology, whether Chinese or foreign, there are stories about floods.

For example, in the book of mountains and seas, Dayu controlled floods, and in the Mayan and Babylonian civilizations, floods were also mentioned. You should be familiar with all this.

Have you heard of Noah’s Ark? In the west, the legend of Noah’s Ark is very popular.

In fact, Noah’s Ark is from the Bible. It is said that Noah, his family and all kinds of land creatures in the world can successfully escape a flood disaster deliberately created by God.

Some people believe that Noah’s Ark is real. Why do you say that?

According to a public opinion survey in the United States, 60% of Americans believe that Noah’s Ark is real. The 150th day of Genesis says that after the flood receded, Noah’s Ark stopped on Mount Ararat, which is now Turkey.

Experts have also found evidence in different places because of rising sea levels and global floods. In 1987, Turkey admitted that the site discovered in the 1970s was the last stop of Noah’s Ark.

In 2010, a joint research team of China and Turkey found evidence in the snow covered Yarra mountains in Turkey, and found the remains of a huge wooden ark with pottery, ropes, seeds and so on. It is believed that this was Noah’s Ark.

The researchers measured the carbon content of the ark wreck, and the test result is that the wreck is 4800 years old, which is consistent with the time of Noah’s Ark event in terms of time.

But at that time, not many people supported this view. Some scientists strongly denied the existence of Noah’s Ark. They said that mount arara was formed after the flood, and that it was very impossible for Noah’s Ark to stop on Mount arara.

Nicholas Purcell, a lecturer in ancient history at Oxford University, said:

It’s nonsense. In 2800 BC, if the flood covered the Eurasian continent 3700 meters deep, how did Egypt and Mesopotamia maintain their high civilization?

Some people who don’t agree with the real existence of Noah’s Ark joked:

If that’s true, why did Noah’s Ark bring those damned mosquitoes back?

Maybe for those who believe in Christ, they think it’s true. For others, it’s just a fairy tale.

Xiao Bian thinks that he agrees with Nicholas Purcell’s statement above that the site of Noah’s Ark is about 4000 meters above sea level. If the flood really rises to such a high level, then most of the world will be submerged.

However, it is undeniable that Noah’s Ark exists in people’s hearts. Noah’s Ark seeks his own inner world, establishes his inner world and saves himself. Noah’s Ark represents the future of mankind, the inheritance of civilization and the hope of mankind.

Do you think Noah’s Ark exists? Welcome to comment area to express your views!

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