The discovery of quantum tunneling effect makes it possible for human beings to achieve wall piercing, which is a headache for physicists

Usually in film and television works, we can see that people with super power can pass through the wall, but the reality is that if we walk in front and suddenly a wall or a mountain appears, then we can either climb the wall, or climb the mountain, or make a detour. It is totally impossible for us to directly pass through the wall. However, from the perspective of physics, scientists can make science fiction into reality in the future through the recently observed quantum tunneling phenomenon.

In fact, the phenomenon of quantum tunneling is not new to physicists. As early as 1920s, a physicist discovered the quantum between an even symmetric quantum and an odd symmetric quantum when he was studying the molecular spectrum. Once such quantum superposition occurs, it will produce a strong unsteady wave packet. This phenomenon was called “double well potential” at that time. In short, the energy generated by quantum superposition can cross the middle barrier, and it can also perform this phenomenon repeatedly. However, due to the immaturity of the technology at that time, many problems remained unsolved.

Soon, the famous physicist Gamov published a paper on the phenomenon of quantum tunneling. He believed that all these are related to particles. Particles can pass through the nucleus after breaking away from the binding of the nucleus. Gamov confirmed the phenomenon of quantum tunneling through a large number of experiments, and deduced the famous Geiger nutal law according to the Schrodinger equation. Based on Gamov, scientists of later generations gradually improved the concept of quantum tunneling through experimental analysis, and many physicists won the Nobel Prize in physics.

Therefore, what is the significance of studying quantum tunneling for human beings? One of the most intuitive concepts is that even ordinary people can easily master “wall piercing”. For example, we all know that when an object hits a wall, it will rebound under the action of force. However, if we use scientific and technological means to reduce an object to the size of a basic particle, then the whole world will no longer have any obstacles to the object. As long as it wants to, it can go through any place at will.

So, in the future, when all atoms, electrons and other substances in the human body can tunnel at the same time, we can easily pass through the wall. In addition, some people believe that when we successfully achieve quantum tunneling, we can move freely in the universe. Moreover, since there is no longer any obstacle, the speed of human beings can surpass the speed of light, although according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, there is no superluminal speed in the universe, so quantum tunneling may not be able to take human beings further.

One of the important reasons is that we can’t find the law in the quantum world, and many experiments are also obtained through probability. For example, if human beings can master the skill of penetrating the wall through quantum tunnel in the future, they have to carry out countless experiments in front of the wall until a certain success.

So what is the significance of physicists studying quantum tunneling? For physicists, it is proved by experiments that the process of quantum tunneling is instantaneous without any delay. This is undoubtedly a great good news for the field of quantum computer. Through this news, scientists can perfectly solve the problems in various quantum computers.

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