The discovery of the earth’s “new world” and the life here have rekindled scientists’ confidence in the alien world

The universe was born 13.8 billion years ago, the earth was born 4.6 billion years ago, and human beings have only multiplied and developed on the earth for several hundred thousand years.

From ordinary creatures with simple limbs and simple mind on the African prairie to advanced intelligent creatures with knowledge of astronomy and geography, it can be said that human evolution is very fast.

Therefore, it has been proposed that for the sake of human security in the future, it is equally important to deeply study the earth on which we live and explore the Unknown Universe. Therefore, it is necessary to deeply grasp the earth and thoroughly study the earth.

In fact, although the technological level of human beings is relatively advanced, human beings don’t know the earth as much as we think. There are still many mysterious things on the earth that human beings can’t explore.

In recent years, scientists have discovered the “new world” of the earth.

This “new world” is located in the most mysterious region of the earth, Antarctica. Antarctica is the coldest area on earth. Does anyone here jump out to protest and say, “what about the Arctic?”

The cold of Antarctica can be called “the most” for three reasons

1、 The Antarctic is the continent and the Arctic is the ocean. The continent has higher specific heat capacity, which is easier to form cold high than the ocean, and the intensity of cold high is higher;

2、 It is difficult to transfer heat from the Antarctic Ocean to the Antarctic;

3、 Considering that the rotation speed of the earth’s apogee and perihelion is different, the winter days in the northern and southern hemispheres are different. In July, the earth is at aphelion and its speed is slow. At this time, the Antarctic is in winter, so the winter is longer than that of the Arctic.

There is no doubt that Antarctica, which has been covered with ice and snow for billions of years, including the Antarctic Ocean under the ice layer protected by several kilometers of ice, is the most unknown place on earth.

The discovery of the earth’s “new world”

In 1960, Russian geographer Andre Kapica flew over the Vostok region and found a huge flat area on the ice sheet.

He speculated that there was a lake under the glacier, but this view did not attract people’s attention at that time.

In 1996, scientists from Russia and Britain confirmed the existence of the lake by analyzing ice penetrating radar, laser altimeter and gravimeter, and named the lake “Vostok Lake”.

The lake is about 4000 meters under the ice. It is about 250 kilometers long and 50 kilometers wide, covering an area of about 10000 square kilometers. It is very huge.

Will there be new life in such a huge lake?

Scientists have started various studies on the lake. They found that there are 3507 gene sequences in the ice cores taken from the lake, 94% of which are bacteria and 6% are eukaryotes.

There are bacteria, fungi, protozoa and even more complex mollusks, which may have formed a complex ecosystem. This is a “new world.”.

The discovery of new life in this “new world” surprised and delighted scientists, and also provided confidence support for their future exploration.

Because of this, scientists began to reconsider the existence of extraterrestrial life in the universe.

Although scientists have been actively exploring signs of extraterrestrial life, there has been little progress.

Because in the existing cognition of human beings, we believe that there is no life in the solar system except the earth.

However, the discovery of the “new world” of Lake Vostok has to make scientists suspect that there may be such a sub ice ecosystem in the sub ice lakes of other planets, where there is water, there is new life.

For the discovery of the earth’s “new world” and the life here, let scientists rekindle their confidence in the alien world!

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