The discovery of the product two billion years ago worries scientists that human history will be rewritten

According to the theory of evolution, human beings are the only intelligent species on earth. Due to the improvement of intelligence, human beings soon became the dominant force on the planet. Moreover, the history of the emergence of human beings is only a few million years, millions of years, billions of years. It seems that it is not commensurate with the present human beings. Does it take billions of years for intelligent species to appear on the earth?

Whether human beings are the first generation of civilization on earth has always been the question scientists want to know. After all, the earth has existed for 4.6 billion years. It is very likely that before the birth of human beings, the earth gave birth to other advanced life. Perhaps in a natural disaster, they had already died out or left the earth.

In the past, archaeologists have discovered many murals in ancient caves. The contents of these murals are strikingly similar to modern contents. Some scientists even found some objects similar to modern rockets.

As for these strange products, people can’t help asking, how can this kind of thing invented in modern times appear in ancient caves? Did advanced biology develop rockets hundreds of millions of years ago?

This is not the only case. In the Gabonese Republic of Africa, scientists have discovered a two billion year old nuclear reactor. It is surprising to know that the use of nuclear energy is a relatively young discipline even in the field of shotguns, and the research of nuclear energy by researchers has not yet reached a quite mature stage.

However, the reactor found in Gabon is very sophisticated, even a modern nuclear reactor. So far, there are 16 similar reactors in Gabon.

This kind of reactor is composed of more than 500 tons of uranium ore from six regions and has been operating for 500000 years. The thermal interference generated by these reactors is limited to 40 meters around the reactor.

For these reactors, it is hard to imagine that the efficiency of nuclear energy could have been so mature two billion years ago. Other scientists believe that these nuclear reactors are the remains of a super ancient civilization, with traces similar to those of modern humans. There may have been several generations of advanced civilizations on earth before that, and this nuclear reactor may have been left by advanced organisms at that time.

However, some scientists believe that this is a naturally formed reactor cave, because the oxygen on the earth suddenly doubled two billion years ago, resulting in the formation of water-soluble oxides of uranium, and the water in this cave is only used as coolant, thus forming such a sophisticated and perfect reactor system.

If this nuclear reactor is really the footprints left by advanced organisms two billion years ago, then the course of human beings is likely to be rewritten, which is also the reason why many scientists are worried.

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