The discovery of the spacecraft on this planet makes scientists very happy. What has been discovered

When human beings walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, they will know that the earth is so small, and human beings are even smaller in front of the universe. The vast and mysterious universe has also stimulated human interest and spirit in exploring the universe. What human beings want to understand most is whether there are aliens in the universe? If not, then human beings feel shame and feel like frogs in the well.

Scientists are the representatives of science and technology of human civilization. Naturally, they stand higher and see farther. In the eyes of scientists, how can there be only human intelligence civilization in such a vast universe without boundary? There must be other alien civilizations, and there must be no less life planets in the universe. In order to find the existence of extraterrestrial life, scientists have thought of many ways to launch Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spaceships to fly out of the solar system and send radio waves to the universe in an attempt to let extraterrestrial civilization receive them.

In addition to these, it is to search for earth like planets with high similarity to the earth through astronomical telescopes, which are very likely to have life on them. The astronomical telescope is really powerful. Within 1000 light-years of the Milky way, scientists have found hundreds of earth like planets similar to the earth. If they expand to 100000 light-years of the Milky way, the number of earth like planets will be a huge number.

However, these earth like planets are far away from the earth, and the nearest one is a few light-years away. Astronomical telescopes can find them, but it is impossible to determine whether there is life or alien civilization on these earth like planets. In order to find out the details, it is necessary to make close observation by probes or spacecraft. However, with the current technology of human beings, we can’t even see the sun We can’t fly out of the solar system, let alone explore planets outside the solar system.

Therefore, we can only monitor these earth like planets outside the solar system from a distance. If we want to find the existence of extraterrestrial life, we still need to find it in the solar system first. If we are close enough, the probe will be more likely to find extraterrestrial life by arriving or even landing. In the solar system, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are the planets that scientists pay high attention to, and Mars is the most concerned and the most popular The number of probes to Mars is also the largest.

Both Jupiter and Saturn are gas giant planets, so it is very difficult to explore the internal conditions. However, several moons of Jupiter and Saturn have aroused scientists’ interest. Today we are going to talk about Titan, one of them called Titan.

Titan, also known as Titan, is the largest satellite orbiting Saturn and the second largest in the solar system. It is about 1.28 billion kilometers away from the earth. It is also the only satellite in the solar system with a thick atmosphere. It is its thick atmosphere that attracts the attention of scientists, which means that there is the possibility of life on such a planet.

To this end, the United States launched a probe spacecraft to Titan. The probe spacecraft approached Titan and took some blurred pictures, which made scientists very excited and happy. When the scientists got the spacecraft closer and took some clearer pictures, the accident happened, and the spacecraft fell due to unknown factors. So what exactly did the spacecraft capture that excited scientists?

Scientists can see huge lakes from these blurred photos taken by the spaceship. This is a great discovery. Of course, these lakes are not composed of liquid water. The temperature of Titan is very low, and it is impossible for liquid water to exist. Moreover, Titan’s thick atmosphere is also composed of gaseous methane clouds. Therefore, the huge lakes found on Titan are very small It is composed of liquid substances such as methane and ethane.

Liquid methane and ethane are very precious resources for human beings. The main component of natural gas that we use in large quantities now is methane. With the rapid development of human science and technology, the demand for resources and energy will become greater and greater. The resources and energy on the earth are limited. If we use a little less, if we can’t obtain resources and energy from space in the future, it will be inevitable To face the problem of resource depletion, once there is no resources and energy, the development of human civilization will stagnate.

Scientists have discovered a huge lake of liquid methane through a fuzzy detection of Titan by spacecraft. Combined with the thick atmosphere composed of gaseous methane cloud in Titan, we can predict that Titan is a gathering place of liquid methane and ethane, and there may be a larger ocean of methane and ethane on it. This is a precious resource for human beings. If human beings can collect these resources, they will be enough for human beings to use for a long time.

In addition to seeing the benefits of Titan’s rich liquid methane and ethane, scientists also thought of another problem: life. Life on earth can’t live without water, but it’s hard to say whether extraterrestrial life depends on water. Different planets have different ecological environments, so do the forms of life.

Life on earth depends on water. Will there be life on Titan that depends on liquid methane and ethane? It’s not without this possibility. You know, Titan has a sea of liquid methane, which may have existed for billions of years. In such a long time, with the protection of a thick atmosphere and a large amount of liquid matter, it’s not impossible to give birth to unique life.

Due to the accidental crash of an American spacecraft, only some blurred images of Titan have been captured. However, in the future, scientists will surely send more advanced exploration spacecraft closer to Titan to observe, or even land on Titan. However, it is not so easy to land on a planet with liquid methane and ethane oceans. At present, human science and technology can not do it, but it will be possible in the future.

At that time, we can land on Titan to see the spectacular methane ocean, detect whether there is special life, continuously transport the liquid methane above to the earth for human use, and solve the huge demand for energy.

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