The discovery of “vacuum water” in the ocean, without a trace of oxygen, may be related to its growth

All living things can survive safely on the earth without oxygen, which can provide energy for human and biological activities. If you shut it in a vacuum room, you may be suffocated in a minute or two, so oxygen is the basis of human survival. According to the statistics of scientists, the oxygen content on the earth is about 20%. This oxygen provides the basic living conditions for all things on earth.

A part of the Gulf of Oman is called “vacuum water”

We all know that the ocean is the birthplace of life. The earth has existed for 4.6 billion years now, but life appeared later. The reason why the ocean can give birth to life is also inseparable from oxygen. Although the oxygen content on the earth is not much at the beginning of life, it can also provide sufficient oxygen for tiny organisms. Although human beings need to wear oxygen masks when they travel into the ocean, there is a certain amount of oxygen in the ocean. But there is such an ocean in the world. There is a water area without any oxygen.

This sea area is located in the Gulf of Oman. In the waters between Iran and the sea area, a vacuum water area was found. There is not only no oxygen, but also no fish shadow. There used to be some fish and algae growing in this area, but due to the rising global temperature. As a result, there are a lot of algae living in the ocean, so these algae occupy most of the ocean area, and slowly use up the oxygen. Now there are only gray bodies left.

The appearance of vacuum water area is related to algae

As a special kind of organism, algae will absorb a lot of oxygen to grow at night. So that’s when it releases carbon dioxide, which is responsible for the greenhouse effect. With the aggravation of global warming, carbon dioxide emissions have reached a record high, and the vigorous growth of these algae has also released part of carbon dioxide to a certain extent. So some people say that the algae in this area may make the current environment worse.

Although oxygen is one of the necessary living conditions for human beings, it also accelerates the aging of human beings to a certain extent, which is consistent with the view of evolution. We all know that if the articles in our daily life are exposed to the sun, they will oxidize with the air. It’s the same with humans. Therefore, as a double-edged sword, oxygen not only ensures the normal survival of human beings, but also brings potential threats to human beings.

It can be said that the vacuum basin of this ocean has become one of the symbols of this ocean, but because of its mystery, few people go to this place. In today’s natural environment, human behavior has greatly damaged the ecological balance, so the previous marine environment no longer exists, and maybe there will be more such waters in the future. What do you think of this water area? Welcome to comment area message exchange discussion.

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