The discovery of what the Mayans call “doomsday planet” is a sign that the earth has been secretly protected

There has always been a problem bothering human beings. We always think that we are a unique existence in the universe, but recently there is a rumor that human beings have always been protected. A team of scientists observed outer space and found that there is a very large planet far away from Neptune. This planet is so huge that it will take at least 10000 years for it to revolve around the sun. Generally speaking, there is a great relationship between the cycle around the sun and the size of the planet itself, which is enough to prove how big the planet is. What is surprising is not only the huge size of the planet, but also that the planet is very similar to a star described in the Mayan civilization at that time.

The Mayan people can be said to be one of the most mysterious races in the world today. Although the Mayan civilization only appeared in the new era, they seem to have mastered the most advanced Memorial algorithm. According to scientists, the algorithm left by the Mayan civilization thousands of years ago is only 0.02 seconds different from that now. Its accuracy is creepy, which makes people suspect that their wisdom does not belong to the earth.

Some people think that the Mayans are not the indigenous people of the earth, but come from a planet called “zhuo’erjinxing”. When archaeologists made an in-depth investigation of the Mayan ruins, they found a lot of descriptions of “zhuo’erjinxing”. According to the algorithm left by the Mayans at that time, we can know that the revolution period of “zhuo’erjinxing” is about 260 days.

However, what is most puzzling is not the planet where Maya lives, nor the “2012 doomsday theory” that Maya left behind, but a “doomsday planet” later mentioned by Maya. As we all know, 2012 has been predicted to be the end of the world, but this day has not come, so people no longer believe in the Maya civilization, but after the emergence of the earth, people have found some magic of the Maya civilization. First, the Mayans predicted that there is a planet that is very likely to save the earth, and this planet is very similar to the planet discovered by scientists. Is there really a planet that has been protecting the earth?

Recently, an astronomer at Caltech has made an amazing discovery. He found that there is a huge celestial body in the orbit billions of kilometers away from Neptune, and this celestial body seems to be the last “doomsday planet” mentioned by the Mayans to save the earth.

I believe many people have heard of the “doomsday theory” in 2012. In retrospect, many people think that they were fooled by the Mayans, but now there is a planet called “doomsday planet” inexplicably, and its credibility remains to be studied.

According to astronomers’ inference, the mass of this planet is about 2-3 times that of the earth, and it may take more than 10000 years for it to orbit the sun. However, in the prediction left by the Mayans, it is indeed mentioned that a planet will appear in 3600 years to save mankind.

In the period of Maya civilization, this mysterious planet was named “Planet X”. It takes 3600 years for Planet X to circle the sun. It can be imagined how far away this planet is from the sun, and its cycle also shows that its rotation radius is very large. However, some scientists believe that this planet is not always far away from the sun.

At perihelion, the planet is even closer to the sun than mercury, while at aphelion, it is billions of kilometers away from Neptune. It is even rumored that it is the ninth planet in the solar system, which deviates from its orbit due to some external force.

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