The diver bravely cut his wrist in front of the shark and was surprised. I was cheated for 25 years

The most ridiculous thing in the world is that I know the truth, but you are still lying, and you are so true and deep.

First, let’s share two stories

Story 1: one day when a beautiful woman was surfing on the sea, she suddenly found that a huge shadow was swimming towards her. The sharp fins were exposed on the water and knocked over the beautiful woman who was surfing. The beautiful woman desperately came out of the water and was dragged down again. She cried out in pain, and the color of the sea turned to blood red in an instant.

Story 2: a diver in the blue sea bottom, as if nothing had happened to play, treat it as relatives of the embrace, touch, happy play… Right, it is a shark, at this time the shark tail fin easily swing, eyes revealed the eyes of relatives, is enjoying the warm moment, after a while, it is shy to swim gently. Yes, both stories are about sharks, but what happened?

I believe you will understand the unintentional hurt and true friends after watching, the latter is true! Biological oceanographers have put forward the fallacy that “sharks bite when they smell the smell of blood”. Although there are still so many problems, many people will fall behind in this common sense, and some friends will worry that when they go to the seaside to play, their aunt will bring sharks, and the wounds on their hands will bring sharks, and so on. Once a reporter interviewed tourists: what’s your opinion on sharks? Tourist answer: shark is a bloodthirsty animal. It’s a ruthless overlord in the ocean. There’s no way. It’s the same in the movie. Some news will also be reported.

Some tourists said: if the sea is the cradle of human beings, I believe sharks will be our brothers! I agree with that!

We lied about the shark story! The shark in your memory is like this:

Tell us a knowledge through the information on the film. If you are afraid of it, stay away from it. It is a ferocious monster. This is the first lie.

In fact, sharks are timid and afraid of human beings. They are not ruthless primitive animals at all. The sensory system of sharks is much more complex than that of human beings. They can feel the changes of water flow and detect electromagnetic fields. They can even feel the beating of human heart. At a distance of tens of meters, they can feel whether you are excited or afraid. Sharks will not get close.

Sharks will eat people. This is the second lie. In fact, generally speaking, sharks don’t eat people. Although they are carnivores, they can’t eat human bodies. There is only a very small probability that they will receive great fright or sudden attack. The most attack on human beings is injury, not fatal. The third lies that sharks smell blood and swim to bite. It is undeniable that sharks can smell blood. We all know that a drop of shark in the swimming pool can be sensed by sensitive smell. But have you ever thought of a problem with old fellow iron? Since sharks can smell a drop of blood, of course they can smell more.

There was once a shark eradication team that claimed that if you enter the water with a wound on your body, the shark will bite you. The team thought that the shark was the biggest threat in the ocean and should be eliminated.

There is also a team called Skyler Thomas, a company specializing in environmental protection films, which corrects the name of sharks and eliminates human prejudice against sharks. There is also a video: a man named Thomas cuts his wrist with a knife in a shark infested sea, leaving blood in the sea. You can see a group of sharks around Thomas, but they are not interested in Thomas.

Let me show you a set of data:

After the above comparison, shark is the winner! Many times, the disorder and complexity of the environment will cause the incentives for sharks to attack human beings. When human beings are fishing at sea, the fluctuations caused by the struggle of fish will attract the attention of sharks. A hungry shark is easy to mistake human beings for food. Sometimes, out of self-defense, human beings violate its security field and have no sense of security. A few days ago, there were some idiots in Florida, USA, driving a speedboat on the sea, tethering the shark to the tail of the speedboat. The speedboat was running fast, and the shark was beating and tossing in pain behind it… We don’t curse these people who are happy with killing animals, we just think their household registration will be thinner and thinner.

Who are the most cruel creatures on earth under the old fellow lies? Behind lies the moral decay? Or the distortion of human nature? Where did shark fin come from? The shark is put back into the sea without fins. The salt water sprinkled on the wound is so painful that it will sink into the bottom of the sea after several tosses. Who is the real devil when you see these bloody scenes?

The little lies of animals are just for survival! In the past, for the sake of money, interests, rights and feelings, some human beings learned to tell all kinds of lies and disguise.

I’d like to recommend some works about sharks: the truth about sharks, pet or shark, blue seal and looking for whale sharks. The dream is still going on. She keeps recording the story of the shark to tell the story between her and the shark!

Her name is Zhou Fang. She wants to tell people in the society that the consumption of shark fin has been greatly reduced in recent years. Look! People are trying to change, aren’t they?

Having said so much, I believe we have the right answer in our hearts. Is there a little shock in our kind heart? Move the hard-working hands below to put forward your valuable opinions, comments, forwarding, for the shark name, thank you!

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