The dog can insist 143 hours does not sleep, the person does not sleep the record is how long? He draws a conclusion with his health!

How long is the limit record of staying up? American stars challenge 8 days without sleep, tragedy!

People’s life is quite short, in which sleep takes up one third of the time. If you don’t get enough sleep, the next day, you will be very listless and listless. So sleep is extremely important.

Take the Dormouse for example, it has about five years of life, three-quarters of the time is used to sleep, because sleep can protect nerve cells, promote metabolism. Sleep is essential for people and other animals. In order to find out the influence of sleep on biology, many scientists did some cruel experiments in the 19th century. How long is the limit record of staying up? American stars challenge 8 days without sleep, tragedy!

Do not sleep experiment with four dogs

In 1894, a Russian scientist conducted an experiment with four dogs. The four dogs were unable to sleep and had to watch them in turn. At first, the dogs were energetic. After a period of time, the dogs began to doze off. They used various ways to wake them up. After 96 hours, one dog couldn’t carry it and lost its physiological characteristics. The next three dogs died They fell down one after another, and the longest time they lived was 143 hours, so these scientists determined that the dog’s record of not sleeping was 143 hours. Dogs can achieve such a long time, so how long can people do not sleep?

How long can people stay up?

In 1959, an American star, Tripp, challenged to stay up for eight days. He launched a series of live broadcasts, locked himself in a glass room and allowed others to take pictures of him. In the first two days, he was very lively. He could not only talk and laugh with the audience, but also looked full of spirit. On the third day, his spirit was hallucinated and he felt like a shoe There are cobwebs and crawling insects. As time went on, he began to talk nonsense until 120 hours later, he rushed out like crazy and said that there was a fire in the room. In fact, there was nothing unusual in the room.

Finally, it was found that he had mental problems because he didn’t sleep for a long time. The time he kept awake was only 48 hours. After the experiment, he slept for 13 hours and gradually recovered. Unfortunately, his brain always left sequelae and permanent damage. He took such a big risk with his life. Although the results subvert human cognition, the damage to the body is irreversible. This experiment is at the cost of destroying the body. Breaking the record is the most important thing for everyone. Without a good body, nothing can be done.

Life is only once for a person. Everyone should live a valuable life in his limited life. It’s not to do something meaningless. I have to admire the bravery of this American star. At the same time, he has sacrificed a lot to keep a normal sleep every day to have more energy. Life is precious. Don’t do something harmful to your body for the sake of impulse. How long do you think people can stay up at most? You can leave a message for interaction.

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