The dog’s record of not sleeping is 143 hours. How long can a person last? The star did the experiment himself!

The dog’s record of not sleeping is 143 hours. How long can a person last? The star did the experiment himself!

Sleep accounts for a third of most people’s lives. Every night will enter the rest stage, the only way to ensure that the next day energetic, have a better spirit to do things. Take the Dormouse for example, its average life span is four or five years, but it spends three quarters of its time in sleep, because long time sleep can protect its nerve cells and promote metabolism. For all creatures, sleep is an indispensable thing in life. How long can people stay up if they think in reverse?

Experiment with dogs to draw a conclusion

There was once a scientist who made a cruel experiment with four dogs. She was Mary de mannahim. In 1894, she took four dogs as subjects. The process of the experiment was quite simple. She took turns changing shifts to monitor the four dogs and didn’t let them sleep. Even if they were sleepy, they had to wake them up. However, after 96 hours, the first dog lost its physiological characteristics and died. Then the other three dogs fell down one after another. The last dog lasted 143 hours. Finally, she came to the conclusion that if the dog didn’t sleep for more than 143 hours, it would die suddenly. The dog’s record of not sleeping is 143 hours. How long can a person last? The star did the experiment himself!

For her experiment, many people feel extremely cruel, animals also have life, easy to take it as an experiment, too inhuman. Since a dog can stay up for 143 hours, how long can a man stay up? There is an American star who has come to the answer with his life. He is Peter Tripp. He put forward a novel idea, challenging to stay up for eight days, and broadcast it live in front of the media. He locked himself in a glass room, allowing human beings to take photos freely.

Peter Tripp broke the record of no sleep experiment with himself

In the first two days of the experiment, he was very active and could talk and laugh with the TV station and the audience. He didn’t feel any abnormality in his body and was full of energy. Until the third day, he gradually had hallucinations in his mind, said some strange words in his mouth, and began to complain that there were cobwebs on his shoes and creeping insects. Then he gradually became crazy and began to talk nonsense until the end of the experiment After 120 hours, he rushed out like a madman and told everyone that there was a fire in the room, but there was nothing unusual in the room.

After the doctor’s mental examination, he found that he had mental problems, and finally he persisted for 8 days. When he was really awake, it lasted only 48 hours. After the experiment, he slept for a full 13 hours, and then his body functions recovered. However, his head left sequelae. He risked his life to get the result of how long people didn’t sleep. This practice is not advisable and extreme.

At that time, he set the Guinness record, but it didn’t last long. In 2007, there was an Englishman named Tony ratno. With perseverance, he challenged the record of 266 hours of no sleep. However, Guinness didn’t admit the record. After that, Guinness abolished the experiment, which did great harm to people’s health. The most important thing for everyone is health, which is more important than anything else. How long do you think people can stay up? You can leave a message for interaction.

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