The “doomsday planet” mentioned in the Mayan prophecy has been found. Is it really the Savior of the earth?

The “doomsday planet” mentioned in the Mayan prophecy has been found. Is it really the Savior of the earth?

When it comes to Maya civilization, people will think of the doomsday prediction in 2012. In the eyes of many people, the Mayans have the ability to predict accurately, and many of their predictions have come true one by one. However, the end of the world in 2012 did not happen, which aroused people’s doubts. The Mayan civilization is the most advanced civilization on the earth. Its writing technology and calendar calculation are far beyond ordinary people’s cognition. According to the normal trend, the Mayan civilization had a chance to rule the earth, but for no reason, it suddenly disappeared and disappeared.

Human beings have been searching for Mayan civilization, but they have got nothing. I vaguely remember the end of the world in 2012. It has been circulating on the Internet for a long time. Everyone expressed their own opinions. Some people also involved the end of the world with aliens. However, in the end, these conjectures did not come true. After 2012, mankind lived safely for another eight years. Many people began to doubt the truth of the Mayan prophecy. All this is nonsense. Those who believe in the world Those who are at the end of the world have nothing to say. The “doomsday planet” mentioned in the Mayan prophecy has been found. Is it really the Savior of the earth?

What is the doomsday planet predicted by Maya?

The doomsday planet was mentioned in the Mayan prophecy. Because it’s too mysterious, when scientists explore the planets around the solar system, none of them coincides with the doomsday planet. As time goes by, the doomsday planet gradually fades out of human vision. Not long ago, an astronomer claimed that he had found the doomsday planet, confirmed the truth of the prediction made by the Mayans, and carefully described the true shape of the planet. So what kind of planet is it?

This doomsday planet is located outside Neptune, that is, at the boundary of the sun. When you observe this planet from the earth, you can’t see it at all. You can only judge its motion by Neptune’s orbit. Surprisingly, its cycle is more than 10000 years, the earth’s sphere’s cycle is 365 days, Neptune’s is 60327 days, because the unit is completely different, we simply can’t calculate accurately, we can roughly guess that the cycle of the doomsday planet is 3.65 million days.

Is the doomsday planet true?

After hearing this number, many people are completely shocked. It is extremely difficult for human beings to study such a long revolution cycle. The Maya predicted that the existence of this planet will save the earth. What’s the matter? We can’t confirm whether these extraterrestrial civilizations are friendly or unfriendly to human beings. The prediction of Maya civilization seems to break this theory.

Some people even think that there are many asteroids around the earth. They didn’t hit the earth. It was the doomsday planet that saved it. However, scientists have not recognized the existence of the doomsday planet, which is totally ridiculous. Careful speculation shows that there are many loopholes in the Mayan prediction. The end of the world in 2012 has not come true, and the authenticity of the doomsday planet is not so high, unless we can come up with solid evidence, do you think the doomsday planet really exists? You can leave a message for interaction.

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