The dragons carved on the gate of Ishtar may be the real portraits left by the ancients for them!

The Ishtar Gate was built in about 606 BC. It is the greatest achievement in art and architecture of the new Babylonian kingdom. The whole city of Babylon is extremely luxurious and spectacular, and the most noteworthy one is the Ishtar Gate. The most dazzling thing of the Ishtar Gate is its gorgeous navy blue glazed brick decoration, which glitters when the sun shines There are 575 images of cattle, dragons and beasts inlaid with ceramic tiles. The design of cattle should be very common for everyone, while the image of another kind of dragon beast seems to have the shadow of dinosaur.

Although we think that this kind of animal is very common when we mention cattle, in fact, at that time, cattle were as mysterious as the dragon sculpture at the gate of the city, and few people had ever seen a real cow. The ox on the gate is actually the ancestor of the ox we know – the original ox. it is big, brave and good at fighting. It was extinct at that time. Is it true that the dragon carved on the gate has the same status as the ox?

The image of the dragon looks a bit strange, because at present people have never seen a real dragon, and this image should look more similar to dinosaurs. In 1953, zoologist verry ray expressed his view that this kind of dragon was real. At that time, the people who built it might have seen it. In addition, legend and his own imagination carved the image of the dragon like a cow. Although there is no way to confirm these conjectures, local people later confirmed that the same wall brick as Ishtar Gate was found in the place where ancient dinosaurs used to haunt. Although there is no creature similar to this dragon, it has some similarities with the dinosaur fossils of the dinosaur age that people have known at present. Although the age of dinosaurs is too long, the ancients should not know the research results of dinosaurs when they built the city gate. Then, did there ever be a dinosaur offspring living together with the ancients Maybe it’s possible.

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