The earth appears “extraterrestrial map”? Strange Stonehenge found in Bosnia, left by aliens?

In the world, there are always many phenomena that are difficult to explain by science. In the process of archaeological work, scientists found strange boulders in Bosnian forests. The diameter of these boulders reached 1.5 meters. Some of them were completely exposed to the ground, while others were half buried underground. When we first see these strange stones, we don’t think it’s any different. But after scientists have studied the order of the giant stones, they are not so simple.

Stonehenge in the forest

After entering the boulder area, the scientists selected four boulders of different sizes as experimental materials, and compared the four boulders with the surrounding stones. It was found that these boulders had traces of artificial processing. If these stones were really made by human beings, it means that a large number of stones must be melted, and some metal materials must be added, and the liquid will be finished After melting, it is put into the mould to dry, so that the relatively mature sphere can be obtained. Although scientists have guessed the method of making these giant stones, it is still an unsolved mystery why these giant stones appeared in this forest and who made them.

In ancient times, it was a way of worshiping gods. Maybe it was a way of praying for gods through technology. Although this seems reasonable, scientists have not found any traces of civilization near the giant stones, which means that these stones may not have been made by ancient humans at all. Therefore, a bold idea has been put forward that maybe these giant stones were left on the ground by aliens.

Alien sign?

As we said earlier, the arrangement of these sentence patterns still has certain rules. When aliens arrange and combine these huge stones according to the established way, they actually leave marks to facilitate communication with human beings. However, this view has not been supported by scientists, who believe that there is no radiation wave found in these rocks, and until now, people have not really seen alien civilization, whether they exist is still unknown.

Ancient planet map?

Although the secret of Stonehenge has not been completely solved, with the improvement of science and technology, some people have put forward a more accurate statement. They think that this may be the ancient star map made by ancient astronomers. These stones are easy to rotate and can better simulate the relationship between stars. In fact, there are many giant stone ball maps like this in the world. Scientists guess that these different giant stone ball maps represent a whole universe.

The entrance to the parallel world?

Of course, some people put forward another view. They thought that although the level of ancient science and technology was limited, human beings had believed in the existence of parallel space. These giant stone balls might be a kind of physical device. As long as they could use these stones accurately, they could go to other spaces. Therefore, at that time, human beings regarded these giant stone balls as a kind of energy gathering place, as long as they could use them correctly If these huge stones are integrated and piled up, then other energies in the universe can be obtained and they can go to other spaces. According to the composition analysis of these stones, scientists found that almost all of these huge stone balls were made of granite, but there was no granite near the forest, which is still an unsolved mystery.

In fact, in addition to these boulders in Bosnia, mysterious boulders have appeared in many corners of the world. These huge stone statues are arranged and combined in a specific way, which may contain the Unsolved Secrets of human beings. However, the development process of human civilization is too long. Although our scientific and technological civilization has made great progress, it still needs a long way to solve these historical problems. Maybe only in the future can we really understand the meaning of these alien maps. What do you think?

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