The earth civilization is far inferior to the advanced civilization. What will happen when facing the fierce attack?

In the book three bodies, it is written that in front of the advanced three body civilization, the earth civilization is just like ants. When the earth civilization conflicts with the three body civilization and needs to confront the three body civilization, the earth civilization is like a panicked child, trembling in the dark, crying silently, but without any resistance.

Looking at these, you may ask, is the earth civilization really so weak? In the vast universe, what is the level of earth civilization?

Nicolas kadarshev, a scientist of the former Soviet Union, once proposed the classification of cosmic civilization, which roughly divided the cosmic civilization into three categories, namely, galactic civilization, stellar civilization and galactic civilization.

Interstellar civilization is the most elementary civilization. In interstellar civilization, creatures can only use interstellar resources; in interstellar civilization, creatures can use the energy of the solar system; in interstellar civilization, creatures at the highest level among the three civilizations can make use of the whole interstellar environment where they are, and can freely use any interstellar resources .

At present, the earth civilization is in the level of planetary civilization, that is, the primary civilization. Is there any civilization higher than the earth in the universe?

According to incomplete statistics, there should be 2 trillion galaxies in the universe, each of which will contain tens of millions of stars. In the solar system, the earth is just a small and unimportant planet. The existence of higher civilization than the earth in the universe should be a high probability event. If there is a higher level of civilization, how can we protect the civilization of the earth?

In view of this, the three bodies mentioned that as a lower level civilization, in order to maintain itself in many civilizations, it is better not to expose itself to other civilizations. Exposure here is not just hiding or living in seclusion in the mountains, but trying not to expose one’s position. The law of the dark forest points out that any civilization exposed to the outside world will eventually be destroyed by a higher level civilization.

In addition, Hawking also put forward his view of “preserving civilization” in his book a brief history of time. Hawking believes that the most effective way is to enter the right dimension or to preserve a more elementary civilization. Hawking believes that the most suitable dimension for earth civilization is the third dimension.

Hawking pointed out that two-dimensional organisms are in the two-dimensional plane. Due to the limitation of dimensions, they can not have all the biological systems needed to maintain life. Therefore, in theory, two-dimensional organisms should not exist. Even if they exist, their life span is very short. Because of the extinction of two-dimensional organisms, two-dimensional space also collapses, so two-dimensional space is not suitable for human habitation.

The mass of matter itself is above the two-dimensional space, which makes the universe bend, so there is a large or small gravity between matter and matter. In three-dimensional space, gravity decays with the square multiple of distance, while in four-dimensional space, gravity decays with the square multiple of distance. This may lead to the collapse of matter and its internal atoms in the four-dimensional space, and the matter may gradually disappear in the four-dimensional space, so the four-dimensional space is not suitable for human use.

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