The earth God will be born in China. Is the prediction of Mars boy true or false?

Mars boy once predicted that the earth God or born in China, can save mankind?

When it comes to the Martian boy, everyone is familiar with him. He has been involved in the vortex of mysticism, and his words and predictions are lingering in the minds of scientists. This Martian boy is polisca. He was born in 1996. His father and mother are ordinary staff members. According to his mother’s description, after he was born, he made a lot of strange behaviors. When he was two years old, he was proficient in writing and painting, just like a genius. In particular, he has a high interest in astronomy. His parents have never told him about these aspects of knowledge, but he studies them every day.

The experience of Mars boy

When he was very young, he claimed that he was from Mars. The local residents thought that he was too young and all his remarks were unreliable, so they did not believe him. Until he told us his professional knowledge about Mars, even the experts were stunned, which was not like the knowledge output of a child. So he caused an uproar in the scientific community and gave a lot of interviews to tell the world why he came to the earth one by one? Through what kind of opportunity to come to the earth? Mars boy once predicted that the earth God or born in China, can save mankind?

When he was 7 years old, he told about a prehistoric civilization world, which was the Lemurian civilization. This great civilization is quite different from human civilization in height and body shape. The average height of each person is maintained at 7-8 meters. At that time, the people living on Mars were only about two meters long. They all survived by absorbing carbon dioxide. When they were 35 years old, they had signs of aging. By chance, Polska flew a spaceship to the earth.

He also described in detail the specific structure of the spacecraft. There are six layers in total, and the outermost layer accounts for 25%. All of them are made of the best metal materials. They shuttle through the atmosphere without any wear and tear. All the power of the spaceship comes from the magnetic materials provided by layer 6. Because of the special materials, the conditions for him to return to the earth were built. As for the disappearance of Lemurian civilization, the scientific community has been arguing endlessly. Poliscka explained that this great civilization was engulfed by the tsunami overnight. At that time, there was a large-scale war on Mars. After the disappearance of the atmosphere, the Martian environment changed unprecedentedly. He was forced to come to the earth.

Mars boy’s prediction

He once predicted to the earth that there would be multiple disasters in the future for human beings living on the earth, all of which were related to water. He also said that the future God of earth protection will be born in China. Most of his predictions have not come true, so they have aroused people’s doubts. Many people think that everything is just an exaggerated hypothesis. Not long after that, polisca disappeared, and no one knows where he is now.

What he said seems to be complicated and confusing, which can’t be explained clearly by science. Maybe many people will believe these wishful lies, and some people praise them too much. But science is based on facts, and there are some unknowns in any speech without scientific basis. What do you think of the prediction that Mars boy once put forward? You can leave a message for interaction.

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