The earth had a rainstorm, lasting for 1 million years, scientists: the future or again!

Although human beings stand at the top of the food chain, they still have no power to fight back in the face of some natural disasters. For example, if the city’s drainage system is not perfect, a sudden rainstorm can submerge the whole city. In history, there has been a Rainstorm on the earth, which has lasted for more than one million years. According to the latest research of scientists, maybe in the future, there will be such a Rainstorm on the earth.


A million years of torrential rain

The rainstorm happened 234 million years ago. At that time, the earth’s environment was still very primitive, and a continent stood majestically in the center of the earth. This rainstorm is not aimed at a certain area, but a global one. Zhongtian continent is like being wrapped in a sauna. It is humid and muggy, and many creatures die because of the drastic changes in the environment. Before this rainstorm, there was a species extinction event on earth, 95% of species disappeared, followed by this rainstorm. At that time, the earth plate was in a fierce stage, with frequent volcanic eruptions and a sharp rise in carbon dioxide content.

This kind of climate change is not a good omen, but also brought a heavy blow to the nature. Before long, dinosaurs stepped on the stage of history. It can be said that the emergence of dinosaurs is closely related to the rainstorm, which is the reason for the emergence of dinosaurs. In addition to dinosaurs, many modern animals and plants have also appeared on the earth, and the types of marine organisms have also changed. Therefore, this rainstorm is not without benefits. The appearance of this rainstorm also represents the start of the earth’s modern ecosystem, and the continuous increase of ocean area.

Will the future come?

Therefore, the torrential rain lasting for more than one million years is not a bridge in science fiction. It has really happened in history. Human beings are always weak in front of the natural interface. Scientists predict that if the earth’s life is long enough, then in the future, mankind is likely to experience such heavy rain.

Nowadays, the global temperature continues to rise, and more and more glaciers begin to melt. If the sea level rises to the highest, then all countries may submerge the bottom of the sea. In this case, heavy rain may break out. Can human science and technology really withstand such an impact?

Does the outbreak of heavy rain mean the change of world hegemony? At that time, what species will replace us if we really don’t have the power to return to nature? So we must pay attention to it from now on. If the earth’s environment recovers as before, maybe this rainstorm will not happen and we can continue to live on the earth. What do you want to say?

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