The earth has been receiving “mysterious signals” for 32 times in five years. What should we convey to mankind?

With advanced radio telescopes, we can monitor mysterious signals in the universe in real time. In 2007, scientists observed cosmic signals outside the galaxy. Although the duration of these signals is only a few milliseconds, the energy is very large, which is equal to the energy released by the sun in one day. These cosmic signals are what we call fast radio bursts. Now scientists have detected hundreds of fast radio bursts.


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In fact, these rapid radio bursts are not very regular, but in 2012, scientists detected a unique cosmic signal, which is frb121102. It was in 2012 that scientists first observed its signal, and in 2015 they discovered it again. As of 2017, although it is only five years, frb121102 has sent 32 signals. This phenomenon has aroused the curiosity of scientists. Mysterious signals in the universe are constantly transmitted to the earth. Is it really alien life that is transmitting signals to human beings?

To solve this problem, scientists also made detailed observations on frb121102, and they determined the origin of this cosmic signal. The birthplace is in a dim dwarf galaxy more than 3 billion light-years away from earth. In addition, scientists have found that there are longer cosmic signals in this region. Although scientists determined that the signal would be transmitted to the earth regularly, the specific law is still unknown. It took many years for scientists to determine that the signal was active for 99 days.

Who is transmitting the signal?

So what is the real face of these signals? Why does it send signals to the earth frequently? Scientists believe that the explosion source of this signal should be very small, it may come from a strong magnetic field, perhaps located around the black hole. They believe that the magnetic field of a neutron star is also very strong, and it can continuously send radiation out. Of course, these are also the conjectures of scientists, but scientists at Harvard University believe that this may be the signal that alien civilizations are sending to the earth, and they may also use super strong cosmic radiation to realize star trek. The extra radiation goes to the earth, so it is detected by us.

This view has been questioned by many scientists. They think that this signal has nothing to do with aliens. This is because its energy is very large. Even if all the nuclear weapons on the earth explode at the same time, the energy generated is far less than this signal. Therefore, this is certainly not controlled by aliens.

Up to now, the secret of this signal has not been solved by human beings. Scientists firmly believe that the value of this signal is too great, and we will be able to uncover its mystery one day. At that time, human beings can really understand the universe. What do you think?

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