The earth has only one moon, but Jupiter has 79. Isn’t that unfair?

The earth is one of the eight planets in the solar system, and the only planet with intelligent life in the solar system. The earth also has the only natural moon. In fact, in the universe, planets with moons are not uncommon. Many planets have moons, and some have a large number of moons. Among the eight major planets in the solar system, the largest is Jupiter, which is known as the small sun. Its volume is 1300 times that of the earth, and its mass is 318 times that of the earth. The other seven major planets in the solar system are not as big as Jupiter.

Mude’s satellites are also very large, with 79 satellites, which makes the earth very envious. It would be very unfair to give the earth a few of these satellites. The reason why Jupiter has so many moons is that it is powerful enough. Because of its huge volume and mass, its gravity is very strong. Of the 79 moons of Jupiter, except for IO, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto, which were naturally existed at the beginning of the formation of Jupiter, the other 73 moons were basically captured by Jupiter itself.

Many of these captured satellites are off orbit asteroids. When they pass through Jupiter, they are attracted by Jupiter’s strong gravitational force. In the end, they can’t be captured and become Jupiter’s satellites. Jupiter’s strength is strong. Maybe in the future, new asteroids will be captured by it and become its satellites.

These moons of Jupiter basically come from the asteroid belt not far from Jupiter. There are countless asteroids here. The asteroids and meteorites wandering in the solar system basically come from here. Jupiter has many small satellites, so it’s not easy to manage them well. Therefore, the orbit of these satellites of Jupiter is very chaotic, and they don’t follow the normal track at all. Some of them are even retrograde, and the speed is different. Some of them rotate very fast, and it only takes seven hours to circle Jupiter, while others are very slow, and it takes three years. It seems that it’s really difficult to manage them when there are too many children .

Although the earth envies that Jupiter has so many moons, we must be glad that Jupiter has attracted these male children away, otherwise these moons may be a disaster for the earth. Why do we say that?

First of all, we need to understand that all of Jupiter’s moons come from asteroids that are out of orbit in the asteroid belt. These asteroids are stray asteroids that are flying rapidly in the solar system. It is possible that they will bump into anyone. Jupiter has always been called the God of earth protection, because it is just in front of the earth and blocks the small belt In front of, such asteroid belt out asteroid, meteorite will first be Jupiter’s strong gravity attraction, either impact Jupiter, or become Jupiter’s moon.

If there is no Jupiter in front of us, or if we are as big as the earth, then these asteroids will wander around. Maybe one of them will hit the earth. An asteroid 65 million years ago struck the earth, causing the extinction of dinosaurs. At the same time, it also brought a biological extinction to the earth, and 90% of the creatures disappeared.

It is because of Jupiter that the probability of the earth being hit by an asteroid is greatly reduced. Of the 79 moons of Jupiter, 75 are the asteroids captured. Without Jupiter, these 75 asteroids will wander around the solar system. As long as one of them hits the earth, the earth will face another biological death. You say, should we thank Jupiter?

The reason why the earth can give birth to human beings is inseparable from the protection of Jupiter. Perhaps there are galaxies like the solar system in other parts of the universe, and there is also a planet that has given birth to intelligent life. Every planet that has given birth to intelligent life must have a stable environment in its galaxy, and it is likely that there will be a huge planet like Jupiter in front of it to attract those wandering small walks Star.

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