The earth is a cage. Are humans aliens? From other planets to earth?

Life is a wonderful evolution. The origin of human birth has always been controversial. With the continuous development of biological technology, people have different views on Darwin’s theory of evolution, and this theory has been questioned.

Some people boldly speculate that the earth is actually a big cage, while human beings are aliens. What is the origin of life? Where do humans come from? So far, there is no accurate explanation for these problems.

When human beings were created by God, human beings were created by Nu Wa, and human beings were called out. In different stories, human beings have different origins.

The biologist Darwin published the origin of species in 1859, put forward the theory of biological evolution, and overturned all kinds of idealistic creationism.

He believes that all living things have the tendency of overproduction, and the living space and food are limited. Living things must struggle for survival, while human beings evolved from apes millions of years ago. After natural evolution and survival, nearly perfect human beings were born.

With the rapid development of modern genetic engineering, human beings have a new understanding of the coding and translation of gene sequences. The genetic similarity between humans and chimpanzees is 98.77%, but why can chimpanzees evolve into adults in a period of 6 million years?

Dr. Alice Silva, the most famous ecologist in the United States, said that human beings were sent to earth by some intelligent life (commonly known as aliens). And the moon is a monitor, only around the earth, dedicated to monitoring human every move.

Moreover, there are many signs that human beings do not belong to the earth, but probably come from a planet with a low center of gravity. For example, human skin will turn black after being exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and will be seriously injured.

And human beings are also very sensitive to strong light. The gravity of the earth binds human beings to the ground. When working at height, human beings will have all kinds of discomfort.

There is an invisible gravitational circle in the outer layer of the earth, which may be the cage of the earth and used by aliens to imprison human beings.

There is also a saying that human beings escaped from other planets and came to the earth to breed and create civilization.

Since the history of the earth can not support the complete evolutionary history of human beings, the former Soviet Union’s Venus probe satellite discovered that there were urban ruins on Venus in the last century.

Humans are likely to be descendants of Venusians. After the deterioration of Venus environment, Venusians had to immigrate to the earth. Because the time is too long and there is no certain record, even we forget that our ancestors were Venusians.

Venusians left many stone buildings of prehistoric civilization on the earth, which we can’t build up to now. But whether the Venus civilization originated from Venus is really hard to determine.

It could be other alien immigrants from outer space, or a follow-up to the civilization development of the previous generation of Venus.

What are the facts? This answer is actually irrelevant, because at the current level of human beings, it can not be proved at all. If we try to prove it, we will only confuse ourselves.

Aliens may or may not exist. It is impossible to say that the earth civilization is the only civilization in the universe. However, it can not be confirmed.

Although the universe is vast, human science and technology are constantly improving and developing. Perhaps one day, these mysteries will be solved one by one.

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