The earth is clearly round. Why do people say it is flat? Is there a 60 meter high wall around?

Ancient people’s cognition of the world is very simple, they created a lot of fairy tales, in our view, these are without scientific basis. Ancient people believed that the earth was a plane, which was also reflected in many fairy tales. But in fact, as early as the 6th century BC, Greek mathematicians had come to the conclusion that the earth was a circle. However, in that era, this idea was not recognized, but was endlessly excluded and ridiculed.

Until the 15th century, with the advent of the era of navigation, human footprints began to spread all over the earth, which not only promoted the development of human civilization, but also gave mankind a new understanding of the world. The concept of the earth as a sphere was well known and accepted by mankind. Until now, the level of human science and technology has reached an unprecedented level, we have also launched many detectors into the universe. It can be said that the earth is a sphere, has become a tacit law, but there are still many people firmly believe that the earth is a flat land.

“The theory of horizon”

These conspiracy theorists have also launched a lot of campaigns to explain the truth, and even publicized that the Apollo program of the United States is a fraud. Some people think that these people must have a very low level of education, but in fact, on the contrary, there are many highly educated people among these supporters, and there are also people who have worked in NASA.

The experiment of “the theory of horizon”

The person who created this theory is actually Samuel robertan. It was in the early stage of the first industrial revolution, human exploration of science has sprouted, and the theory of earth circle has become a fact of human confession. But Samuel robertan thinks that the earth is not round at all, because the ground he sees is flat, without any radian. In order to prove his opinion, he also made an experiment. He found a small river, selected a length of 10 kilometers from the river, and measured the ground curvature of 4000 meters to prove his conclusion.

There is no doubt that the experiment was successful. Since then, robertan has become a admirer of the theory of horizon. But now we all know that the experiment has no scientific basis, but is full of many loopholes. In 1849, Samuel robertan also published a handbook. He compiled a Book of his experiments and conclusions over the years. In this book, he emphasizes that the earth is a plane, the center of which is the north pole, and the continents and oceans are scattered all over the plane, surrounded by a 60 meter high wall.

Many people can’t help laughing when they see here. If the earth is really flat, why do day and night appear at the same time? Up to now, some people still insist on the “flat theory”. When we try to argue with them, they never give human beings the opportunity to refute. They just claim that these are all lies forged by scientists. What do you think when you see them?

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