The earth is going downhill. In the future, it may enter the ice age. Where should we go?

The earth is going downhill. In the future, it may enter the ice age. Where should we go?

Human beings are the most special higher life on the earth. We have to say that the conditions for the birth of human beings are extremely harsh. We should not only have sufficient water, but also breathe oxygen every day. Sunlight is also an indispensable part. If one of these conditions is missing, the living conditions of human beings will be threatened. The earth is very important to human beings. Apart from the earth, there is also a world Star is also very important, that is the sun, the light from the sun can bring energy to many organisms, many organisms need to survive through photosynthesis.

The sun has a long history in the universe. With its continuous burning, it continuously emits light and heat, making people feel the sunshine. Many people have a little bit of panic in their hearts. Will the sun go out of fuel one day in the future? Scientists have also discussed this problem, the sun is a very magical celestial body, but over the years its overall state is going downhill, there are many strange and strange phenomena inside. The earth is going downhill. In the future, it may enter the ice age. Where should we go?

First of all, the frequency of the sun’s activity is rising, which means that the light and heat emitted by the sun will be reduced. In other words, the sun may have entered the hibernation period. If the sun enters the hibernation period, it will have a lot of effects. It will no longer carry out sunspot activities, and the frequency will gradually decrease. If it goes on for a long time, it will definitely stop directly. If the sun shines on the earth, the earth will be polar There may be all kinds of extreme weather, which can not be withstood by human beings.

The cessation of solar activity will trigger a series of chain reactions. Even the earth will enter the ice age. The ice age can be divided into two types, one is the big ice age, and the other is the small ice age. The big ice age only lasts for a long time, and the environment is extremely bad. Human beings and other creatures will face the risk of being unable to survive, while the small ice age lasts for a short time, and the relative environment is also better Although there is no fatal damage to the living things on the earth, it also has irresistible harm.

It is not difficult to find that the extinction of species once occurred on the earth is partly due to the fact that the earth has entered the little ice age. Global warming will also make the little ice age come ahead of time, causing many conditions, such as inundation of many areas, melting of glaciers and so on. These extreme climate can not be tolerated by human beings. Many crops can not be produced because of the unstable temperature, and human beings have to face the problem of food. In this extreme weather, human beings have to stay at home every day, using air conditioning, heating and other equipment. Perhaps for those who have conditions, it will not have much impact, for those who have poor conditions, it will be fatal.

If this series of conditions really occur on the earth, the consequences will be unimaginable. These are the consequences of the sun’s entering the hibernation period. We should cherish what we have now, and don’t start to regret until the earth has really entered the ice age. What’s your attitude towards this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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