The earth is hot and cold, and the high temperature is constantly ushering in the ice age. Is the earth “sick”?

The earth is hot and cold, and the high temperature is constantly ushering in the ice age. Is the earth “sick”?

The earth is divided into four seasons. The temperature of each season is quite different. The two most extreme seasons are winter and summer respectively. A hot, a cold, summer wearing thin short sleeve shorts, winter will be wrapped in a big cotton padded jacket, mobility. Since the reform and opening up, the scale of industrialization has become more and more. Many nostalgic people say that there is no such thick snow in their hometown. The childhood of childhood has completely disappeared. How did it come about?

Impact of carbon dioxide emissions

All the root causes are attributed to the emission of carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas. On average, tens of millions of tons of carbon dioxide are emitted every year, leading to the greenhouse effect. The sudden rise of global temperature, which is several degrees higher every year, especially the great deflection of the angle between the north and south poles, the rapid melting of glaciers and the reappearance of paleontological remains, all indicate that human beings have entered the warm period of the earth. The earth is hot and cold, and the high temperature is constantly ushering in the ice age. Is the earth “sick”?

Seeing these shocking scenes, scientists warn us that we should live a low-carbon life and find clean energy instead of relying on oil and coal, because they will emit a lot of carbon gas, which is the root of the greenhouse effect. If we can not find alternative environmental protection energy in the future, the earth may become a hot fireball, and it is difficult for us to continue We’re going to survive. Everyone is pessimistic, but is it true?

American astronomers discover Earth anomaly

American astronomers found that the earth’s anomaly, the solar radiation has been significantly reduced, which means that the earth’s light and heat will also be significantly reduced, then the earth will usher in the little ice age? It will not become a fireball, but an extremely cold earth. Some people simply think that global warming will gradually disappear with the arrival of the little ice age. In fact, it is totally impossible. Whether it is global warming or the little ice age, if we can not fundamentally solve the problem, human beings can not escape.

At present, the earth’s climate has reached the threshold. Some scientists even believe that once the little ice age comes, the concentration of carbon dioxide will increase significantly, and the greenhouse effect will reach a new height. People don’t have a deep feeling when they stay in the air-conditioned room, but crops will be greatly affected. These difficulties are waiting for people to pass, and no one wants to see the earth become a fireball Or extremely cold earth, maintain the status quo is the best. The emergence of many problems does not come out of thin air. Many problems can be solved with the concerted efforts of all of us. The most worrying thing is that human beings are still reckless in destroying the earth.

Today’s earth has been full of holes, not a vibrant face, become powerless. We need to understand a truth: the earth needs to be managed by all. Human beings can’t live without the earth, but without the earth, human beings can continue to move, and the environment may be better. Human beings should not be too arrogant. We should cherish the present, protect the environment, and control the emission of carbon gas. Do you have any worries about the future of the earth? You can leave a message for interaction.

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