The earth is more profound than we think. Human civilization is not the only intelligent civilization. It’s all disguised

The earth is a very familiar place, and we have learned a lot about it, but there are still many mysteries to be solved, and on the whole, there is a sense of bewilderment. As we all know, human civilization is a high-level civilization, but some people have proposed that human beings may not be the only high-level civilization on earth. What’s the matter?

As we all know, the earth has a history of more than 4 billion years, but the record of human history is only more than 4 million years, while the history of human language is extremely short, less than 10000 years. Many people can’t help asking, is there any other advanced civilization on the earth? Was there anyone else or civilization before? Many people are curious about these questions.

Before that, there was an ancient super civilization on the earth. At that time, the technology was much more developed than it is now. Only for some reason, it mysteriously disappeared and became an undisclosed prehistoric civilization. It may be a kind of superpower civilization in the prehistory of the earth, or it may be threatened by the advanced creatures on other planets, so it is hidden.

However, there are many evidences to show that there are other intelligent creatures before human beings. Some even suggest that human beings will kill the indigenous people on earth. Of course, this is only a speculation, and there is no basic evidence at present. In addition, scientists believe that there have been many extinctions on earth. In addition, these extinctions will immediately wipe out all the creatures on the earth. This phenomenon is the same as the widely spread “2012 end of the world” before. Some people even think that 2012 has happened, and some even think that human beings have actually died in 2012. But it’s all speculation.

But it is also because of these conjectures that many seemingly confusing things have some explanations. Although there is no more evidence, scientists are still working hard to study.

The earth is disguised as a lower civilization

Mankind’s understanding of the earth is still very shallow, and has experienced many civilized societies. Some people think that human beings are not evolved at all. The earth is the embodiment of lower civilization. Once more advanced and more advanced civilizations appeared on the earth, but for some reason mysteriously disappeared. Others believe that these advanced civilizations, in order to protect themselves from unknown attacks, have pushed mankind out as a shield.

After that, these advanced civilizations disguise the earth and then run away. It seems that the outside world has no threat to the planet, so it will lose interest in the earth. Therefore, the earth is the disguise of lower civilizations. It is true that many people do not believe this view. This view is only speculation, and there is no more scientific basis. After all, the mystery of the earth is still very worthy of human continuous research and exploration.

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