The earth is no longer alone. It is suspected that an alien spaceship has been found, flying to the earth and repeating the signal at the same time

In the vast universe, is human the only higher civilization? If it is, it’s too terrible. It’s like a dark room, where you are the only one. The loneliness and fear will torture you to death. If not, why can’t human find any extraterrestrial civilization or even any extraterrestrial microorganism after 70 years of searching!

This view is very contradictory. Although human beings have not yet discovered alien civilization, scientists speculate that there must be alien civilization in the universe. Why? Since life and civilization can be produced in both the solar system and the earth, as long as the probability of life and civilization is not zero, there will inevitably be more or more alien life or civilization on the basis of the huge universe. How many planets in the universe are like the sun and the earth?

Voyager 1 photographed the loneliness of the earth 6.4 billion light-years away

There are at least 2 trillion galaxies in the whole universe. According to the average number of 100 billion stars in a galaxy, there are at least 200 billion stars in the whole universe, and each star has 8 planets. It is calculated that there are 1.6 trillion planets in the whole universe.

This also shows that the number of observable planets in the universe is very large. If we include the unobservable parts, then the number of planets in the universe is very large, because there are such huge planets in the universe, and the earth also breaks the possibility of zero birth of civilization. Therefore, we come to the conclusion that there is indeed an alien civilization in the universe, which is the belief, one It supports human beings not to give up the exploration of alien civilization. Despite 70 years of searching, it is still fruitless, despite many difficulties.

Voyager 1 is 22 billion kilometers away from the earth and has yet to discover an alien civilization

Finally, radio telescopes are left. Originally, humans did not have much hope for them, but in the process of searching for extraterrestrial civilization, radio telescopes have gained the most. Since 1977, when the signal “wow” suspected of extraterrestrial civilization was first intercepted, humans have intercepted dozens of mysterious signals from the universe, and in January 2019, Canadian astronomers intercepted it The mysterious signal is considered to be a radio signal sent by aliens, so why say that this signal is most likely a signal sent by aliens?

Wow mysterious signal

Unlike the mysterious signals of the universe intercepted by human beings in the past, this kind of signal has been repeated six times. However, almost all the cosmic signals intercepted by human beings in the past have only occurred once, and even the famous “wow” signal has lost its movement after being received once. Therefore, these radio signals can be considered as naturally generated, such as supernova explosion, celestial body collision, etc Zeus events only happened once in the same place, so the same emitter can only receive one naturally generated signal. However, the mysterious signal received by Canadian astronomers comes from the same emitter and has been repeated six times, so it can be “100% sure” that it is a signal from an alien civilization.

Canadian astronomers found that in addition to repeating this phenomenon, they also found another important feature, that is, the source of this mysterious signal is not stationary, but moving towards the earth where we live. According to astronomers’ observation, in the past six years, the distance between the launch source and the earth has been continuously shortened, and the launch source moves towards the earth at superluminal speed. In just six years, the distance between the launch source and the earth has been shortened by tens of thousands of light years. Therefore, scientists speculate that this is probably an alien spaceship driven by aliens. It has found the coordinates of the earth and is rushing to the earth at full speed .

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