The earth is surrounded by the “mysterious network”. Is there any secret for Einstein to destroy the manuscript after he discovered it

When people use astronomical telescopes to observe the universe, they find out how vast the universe is, and what people can observe is very limited. But in fact, there are not many areas that people can observe. After all, with the help of existing telescopes, people have discovered many galaxies and celestial bodies.

Nowadays, when people observe these celestial bodies, they do find many unknown things. Through observation, human beings have realized that in the whole universe, the earth where human beings live is actually the safest, because there are too many unknown dangers in the universe beyond the earth.

In fact, the position of the earth in the whole solar system is very low, but the earth is the only living planet in the whole solar system. In the process of studying the earth, Einstein found that there is a net around the earth outside the earth, which is invisible to human beings. But on other planets, there’s no such thing as earth. So why does this layer of extraterrestrial things exist?

After continuous research, Einstein found that this layer of matter is actually what people call dark matter. However, because the level of technological development at that time was not advanced enough, Einstein could not make an accurate definition of this matter.

However, it is surprising that Einstein destroyed all the manuscripts on dark matter before he died, which makes people wonder why Einstein destroyed his manuscripts?

Some scientists believe that this may be laid down by higher civilization, and its purpose is to limit the earth. Some scientists believe that this kind of dark matter is an alien civilization, which is used to monitor the earth.

Some scientists think that maybe Einstein has made a great discovery about the whole universe. Because of this, Einstein thinks that the dark matter layer is too harmful to the earth, so even he feels very scared.

Later, some people speculated that this layer of dark matter was an alien civilization on the earth’s surface?

Maybe this layer of things is indeed arranged on the surface of the earth by aliens. Then, if aliens really exist, why arrange this layer of things on the surface of the earth? If these aliens want to destroy the earth, then the earth has not experienced any disaster for so many years. So no one will believe that these things can destroy the earth. There is also a saying that this layer of dark matter on the Earth actually exists for the purpose of looking for the earth and protecting the safety of the earth.

There are many civilizations in the universe. Due to the current human technology can not fly across the entire galaxy, so humans can not find other civilizations. But if there are alien civilizations in the universe, why haven’t humans been discovered by aliens?

Today, human beings have sent out a lot of detection signals to space. For example, on August 20 and September 5, 1977, NASA launched two spaceships, Voyager 2 and Voyager 1 respectively. Each of the two spaceships carries a copper plated gold CD with the name card “voice of the earth”. This gold CD carries the mission of human communication with the cosmic galaxy.

All these are for the aliens to find the earth and us, but so far, our signals have not received any response. If we fly out of the solar system, the existence of the earth is too insignificant.

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