The earth is very rich in water resources, but compared with this planet, it is a little worse

With the help of science and technology, human beings finally walked out of the earth and saw the vast universe. When we stand in space and look back at the earth, you will find that the earth is a beautiful blue planet. Such a beautiful and unique planet is also very rare in the universe. At least we have not found a second planet that can compare with the earth.

Why is the earth so beautiful in blue? One of the important reasons is that the earth has vast oceans, and the surface water resources are very rich. Through the calculation of satellite detection, we know that the sea area of the earth’s surface accounts for 71%, and the land only accounts for 29%. So when you look at the earth from space, you can see that the whole surface of the earth is basically ocean, and the land is divided into six plates by the ocean.

What is the amount of water on the earth’s surface? Although the ocean area on the earth’s surface is vast, the average depth is only about 3957 meters, and even the deepest Mariana Trench is only 11034 meters. It’s less than one thousandth the diameter of the earth. As a result, 71% of the ocean area is not as large as we think, which is about 1386 million cubic kilometers by calculation.

This number looks very large, but if we compare it with other water planets in space, it will not be enough. After walking out of the earth, human beings began to explore the solar system. Through exploration, we found many planets with extremely rich water resources in the solar system. The farther away from the sun, the more water rich planets there are. There are a lot of water ice on the surface of many planets on the edge of the solar system.

The nearest water rich planet is some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. As we all know, Jupiter and Saturn are the first and second largest planets in the solar system. They are both gas giant planets, and their mass advantage makes them have a large number of satellites around them. Among these numerous satellites, the surface of many satellites is covered by ice, and under the thick ice, there may be liquid ocean.

Today, we are going to talk about Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons. It is a mild world, and its surface is basically completely covered by thick ice. Under the thick ice is a huge ocean. Scientists speculate that there may be life in the ocean under the ice.

And Europa’s total water volume is far more than that of the earth, which may reach 2.8 billion cubic kilometers. A lot of people here may wonder that Europa is just a satellite. Its diameter is only 3100 kilometers, smaller than the diameter of the moon. The diameter of the earth has reached 12756 kilometers. Even though Europa is rich in water resources, it is just a small satellite. Why is the amount of water resources far more than the earth?

If the size of the planet to measure the water resources of Europa and the earth, then Europa is far less than the earth, after all, the earth is a planet. However, Europa’s ocean depth is much deeper than that of the earth. According to preliminary observations, scientists speculate that Europa’s underwater ocean depth may reach 100 kilometers.

This depth is more than 20 times of the average depth of the earth’s ocean. Because Europa’s underwater ocean may be very deep, its surface area is far less than that of the earth’s ocean, but the final total water volume is far more than that of the earth. This shows that the amount of water resources on earth is nothing in front of Europa.

If Europa’s water is introduced to the earth, the earth’s sea level will rise by about 5000 meters. What’s the concept? You should know that the highest Tibetan Plateau on the earth, with an average altitude of only about 4000 meters. That is to say, if the water on Europa is moved to the earth, no plateau on the earth’s surface can be exposed to the sea level, and only those tall peaks, such as the Himalayas and the Rocky Mountains in North America, can break through the sea level.

Of course, it’s impossible for us to bring Europa’s water to the earth. Some people may say that even if humans want to bring Europa’s water to the earth, we can’t do it. Is that really the case? In fact, this kind of cognition is not completely correct. We need to know that the power of science and technology is endless. With the current science and technology of human beings, it is impossible to introduce Europa’s water to the earth. However, with the continuous progress of science and technology, it may not be impossible to do so in the future.

However, even if we have such a strong scientific and technological strength in the future, we can not introduce Europa’s huge water resources to the earth. If so, there will be no terrestrial existence on the earth. And the earth’s water resources are not as small as we think. Now we can only detect the huge water resources on the earth’s surface, but we can’t detect the water resources inside the earth.

According to the exploration and research of scientists in recent years, it is possible that there is a huge water circulation system inside the earth, which circulates water resources with the surface. If there is a huge amount of water in the earth’s interior, the total amount of water on the earth’s surface may exceed that of Europa.

Although we can’t bring Europa’s water resources to earth in the future, we can bring it to Mars. We all know that Mars is the most explored planet in nearly half a century. The reason why we pay so much attention to Mars is that scientists regard it as our second home.

Of course, Mars does not have the natural conditions suitable for human survival. To make Mars a livable planet, we must carry out a series of transformation. In order to achieve successful transformation, one of the important conditions is to have rich water resources. At present, the probe has found water resources at the poles of Mars, but this water resource can not meet the needs of transforming Mars into the future human survival.

If there is no abundant water resources under the surface of Mars, then if humans want to transform Mars, they need to borrow water from outside Mars. If the earth’s water resources are transported to Mars in large quantities, it is very unrealistic. One is that the cost is too high, and the other is that the earth does not want to lose a lot of water resources. To transform Mars and meet the needs of human survival, it needs a lot of water resources.

At this time, we may be able to put Europa into Mars orbit and let it collide with Mars, so that a lot of water will enter Mars. When Mars has a lot of water, its ecology will continue to change and eventually become a livable planet. Of course, the evolution of nature will take a long time, but with the addition of human science and technology, the ecological change of Mars will be very fast, provided that we need to inject a lot of water resources into Mars.

In fact, the reason why the earth had a large amount of water resources in the early stage may also be related to the impact of comets, which brought the early water resources to the earth. And water plays an important role in the ecosystem, with a lot of water resources, the earth’s ecology is more and more beautiful, and finally there is the birth of life, the birth of human beings.

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