The earth may appear “new continent” in 200 million years, and Asia will disappear. Where will human beings go?

Today’s earth is divided into three parts of the land and seven parts of the ocean. In fact, the earth’s plates have never stopped moving. According to the latest data of scientists, the face of the earth today does not mean the end. In the future, there will be a new continent on the earth, called amazia. At that time, amazia will become the only continent on the earth, including Asia, and other places will be submerged in the ocean.

New world

Many people are worried after hearing the answers from scientists. If Asia will disappear in the future, where will we go to survive? In fact, the earliest time for the birth of ramasia will be 200 million years later. At that time, the seven continents will merge together, and this continent will become a super new continent. In fact, according to the motion law of the earth’s plates, every 600 million years, there will be a new division and division of the continents on the earth. That is to say, the lamacia continent does not mean the final result, and the earth plate will split up in 600 million years.

In fact, the fact that human beings can stand at the top of the food chain and successfully evolve into intelligent creatures has a lot to do with the geological movement of the earth. If the plate movement is too active, how can human beings evolve so far in a long time? The history of geological plate movement is very long. Eurasia, where we live, has been formed since 60 million years ago. The earth has begun to evolve since the appearance of human beings.

The evolution process never means the end, and this does not mean the end. After 200 million years, the formation of the amazia continent and the geological movement will not stop. With the movement of the earth plate, the Atlantic Ocean is likely to disappear, the Arctic Ocean will become history, and a new round of great changes will appear in the earth’s pattern. Therefore, compared with the long years of the earth, the time of human emergence is too short, and what we can do is limited. Many people will also have questions. At that time, if Asia disappears, where should we go to survive?

Where should mankind go?

Scientists don’t think we need to worry too much. In fact, according to the current view of the development of human civilization, after 200 million years, human beings are likely to have broken through the civilization level and become the super civilization in the universe. At that time, we have also established our own cities in space and can also travel to all corners of the universe by spaceship.

Perhaps at that time, the dream of human Star Trek will come true. The earth is no longer suitable for human survival. Human civilization will end on the earth and continue on another planet. Of course, such a grand plan is too far away from us. If we want to realize Star Trek and continue civilization, we still have to grasp the present and live in peace with the earth, so that we can go further.

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