The earth may “Concubine” and “moon 2” will appear, but this is not good news

In the vast solar system, which is the closest planet to the earth? There is no doubt that nature is the moon. The moon is the largest satellite on earth. The moon has always appeared in the history of our culture. Many myths are closely related to the moon, such as the myth of Chang’e flying to the moon and the Guanghan palace above the moon. In the past few billion years, the relationship between the moon and the earth has really been like a husband and wife. Now, there may be a planet that is going to challenge the status of the moon and want to become the second satellite of the earth. The name of this planet is “3753”. Because this asteroid may be a satellite of the earth, it gives this star the name of “klutney”.

In fact, this asteroid is very common in all aspects, with a mass of 1.3 × 1014kg. It is just a very common asteroid in the universe. What makes this asteroid different is its orbit. After the discovery of astronomers, the trajectory of klutney and the Earth presents a horseshoe shape. In short, the asteroid has been chasing the earth. In fact, the speed of the asteroid is very fast. Now trutni is getting closer and closer to the earth. Maybe some time in the future, we will be able to see trutni with the naked eye. It is estimated that when you see this, some readers will worry that the asteroid will hit the earth, which is basically impossible. When trutney is close to the earth to a certain distance, he is likely to be attracted by the earth’s gravity and then revolve around the earth.

Although the asteroid will not cause damage to the earth, and may even become a satellite of the earth, scientists are very worried. Imagine if this asteroid really becomes a satellite of the earth, can it live in peace with the moon? If there is a conflict between the trajectory of this asteroid and the moon, the result will be very terrible, and human beings may be doomed.

Once an asteroid hits the moon, if it is lighter, it will also cause the impact of the moon’s orbit deviation. The impact of the moon’s deviation is very huge. The moon affects the earth’s tides, and the impact on life on earth is very huge. The current life on earth is also evolved in this kind of environment. Once the external environment of the moon changes, the earth will be destroyed It’s very likely that organisms on the planet will have abnormal reactions. If it is larger, it may cause the moon debris to fly to the region, or even derail the trajectory of the moon and the earth. However, there is no need to worry about it now, because it will take at least 2676 years for this little planet to fly around the earth. By that time, human technology may have already started the interstellar age.

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