The earth may have been exposed as early as 47 years ago. Why hasn’t alien civilization come yet?

Hundreds of years ago, with the help of science and technology, human beings finally realized their dream of flying to the sky and walked out of the earth. When people walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, they will think of the same question: does alien civilization exist? If there are doubts about the existence of alien civilization before human beings go out of the earth.

Then, when human beings really go out of the earth and see the vast universe, this kind of doubt basically no longer exists. In most people’s eyes, the existence of alien civilization is a fact without doubt. Of course, before alien civilization is really discovered, we can only regard it as a conjecture.

Although most scientists believe in the existence of alien civilization, we still need to find real evidence in order to turn the conjecture into reality. So soon after human beings stepped out of the earth, they began to search for extraterrestrial civilization. It’s not easy to search for alien civilization. Scientists think that the solar system is estimated to be the only intelligent civilization of human beings, so the alien civilization we find is probably in other galaxies outside the solar system.

Therefore, scientists search for alien civilization in two ways. One is to search for possible signals of alien civilization in the universe through radio telescopes. If the extraterrestrial civilization in the universe has entered the road of scientific and technological development like human beings, then the development of radio technology is inevitable. They may also send strong wireless pulse signals to the direction of the possible existence of alien civilization in the universe. As long as we can receive such signals, we can confirm the existence of alien civilization.

Another way is to send a galaxy exploration spacecraft to fly outside the vast solar system, carrying information about the earth and human beings. As long as the extraterrestrial civilization outside the solar system can capture the human detector, it can know the existence of the earth and human beings from above, and also know the earth’s coordinates.

The earliest long-range probe was launched in March 1972. It carries a human name card, which is made of gold-plated aluminum plate. It not only marks the coordinates and position of the earth in the Milky way, but also brings the greetings of human beings to the aliens.

Just now, in 1977, NASA first launched Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 into the deep space. These two aircrafts are more advanced. They also carry “business cards” carrying information about the earth and human beings. At present, the two spacecraft have been flying to the depth of the solar system, which is more than 20 billion kilometers away from the earth.

In addition to launching detectors, scientists have also launched human radio signals into the depths of the universe. All these are a series of exploration plans for alien civilization decades ago. These plans were originally a manifestation of human interest in the exploration of alien civilization, but with the continuous progress of human science and technology and the continuous improvement of human cognition of the universe, more and more people begin to regret their human behavior in those years.

Some people even speculate that the earth may have been exposed as early as 4.7 billion years ago, and alien civilizations have noticed us. If the existence of earth and human has been discovered by alien civilization, why haven’t they come yet?

On the way to explore alien civilization, there is a famous theory, that is “Fermi paradox”. This is a scientific topic put forward by Fermi, a Nobel Prize winner and physicist, when he discussed the problems of UFOs and aliens with others in 1951.

In Fermi’s view, if alien civilization exists, it may already be a powerful interstellar civilization, and they may be millions of times more advanced than human beings. If powerful civilizations could easily come to the earth, why didn’t they? Is there only one civilization in the universe? If there is a contradiction between theory and reality, the paradox will appear.

Obviously, Fermi’s topic puzzles many people. Is there no other higher civilization in the universe? In fact, it’s impossible to think about it carefully. More people still recognize the existence of alien civilization in their hearts. It’s just that we can’t observe it with our current technology.

If there are a large number of alien civilizations in the universe, and the existence of earth and human beings has been found, why did not cross the interstellar to the earth to contact with human beings? In fact, many people have such doubts, mainly from the perspective of human beings to think about the attitude of alien civilization. Maybe in the eyes of human beings, alien civilization is mysterious, but for a powerful civilization that can cross the stars, the existence of intelligent life is nothing strange.

Take the Milky way for example. According to the guess of scientists, the number of civilized planets may be calculated in billions. This may only be a conservative estimate, and the actual situation may be much larger than that. If the advanced civilization of the galaxy has been able to explore the whole galaxy, it is not surprising that there are so many life planets and intelligent life in their eyes.

Just imagine, with so many intelligent lives, will advanced civilizations contact them one by one? Probably not. Advanced civilizations can only contact and communicate with those who are similar to or superior to their civilization. This is the power of dialogue brought by power. Human beings know that there are tens of billions of ants on the earth. Will we communicate with each other one by one? Of course not.

This is just the number of intelligent civilizations in a small galaxy. If we zoom in on the whole universe, the number of intelligent civilizations is even more incalculable. If a powerful advanced civilization in the universe contacts and exchanges with each civilization, it will take a long time. And for a higher civilization, it’s a retarded behavior to communicate with a lower civilization, just as humans don’t communicate with ants.

Therefore, many friends have put forward a lot of conjectures about the possibility that alien civilizations may have discovered the existence of the earth and human beings and not communicate with us. For example, alien civilizations are too far away from us to reach the earth, alien civilizations are not interested in human beings, and alien civilizations are on their way to the earth. No matter which of these conjectures is correct, in Xiaobian’s opinion, an alien civilization that can observe and discover the existence of the earth and human beings has become an interstellar civilization with great probability, otherwise it is impossible to discover the existence of the earth.

Since the alien civilization can discover the existence of the earth and human beings, it is likely that it can also come to the earth quickly. The reason why they didn’t come, as I said earlier, is that they don’t look up to human beings, think our civilization level is too low, and disdain to contact us. Only human beings make efforts to develop science and technology, when we become an interstellar civilization, even if we don’t take the initiative to look for it, there will be an alien civilization coming to us. But at that time, it was still unknown whether it was a blessing or a curse for human beings.

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