The earth once had a “golden rain”, but now few can be found. Where is it?

How did gold come into being on earth? Scientists have found a place with 6 billion tons?

Suddenly rich, everyone has had such a dream, this is a dream that can not be expected, this chance to come on a person is too small. In life, I heard that someone had won millions of awards. At that time, I wish it was myself, but the reality is cruel after all. Since ancient times, the gap between the rich and the poor has been quite serious. The rich are so rich that the poor can’t even afford to eat. In ancient times, one or two gold can almost build a house, which is very valuable.

The value of gold in ancient and modern times

When we watch TV dramas, many emperors will reward thousands of taels of gold in order to reward some dignitaries. They have endless talents and wealth. In modern times, gold is still very precious. Although it is not as valuable as in ancient times, it can also show a person’s identity. However, there is not much gold on the earth, and the price fluctuates greatly. Since 2020, the price of gold has been rising. The main reason is that there is less and less gold, and there is still the possibility of scarcity in the future. There is a problem that has been puzzling mankind. How did gold on the earth come into being? How did gold come into being on earth? Scientists have found a place with 6 billion tons?

In fact, gold can’t be created under any circumstances. It can only be synthesized under high temperature. An archaeologist once accidentally discovered that the geology around Greenland is more special than other places. After a thorough understanding, it turned out that this place, 3.4 billion years ago, was full of gold.

Scientists estimate the total value of gold

Scientists have given an estimated value. At least at that time, the gold had reached 5 meters high and weighed 6 billion tons. Such a huge amount was amazing, but there was not so much gold on the earth. After understanding, it turned out that the gold gradually entered the earth’s interior with the earth’s plate movement. Due to the limited human technology, it could not be mined, so the gold could only be continuously tested.

Before the early days, there were indeed examples of gold meteorite landing, but the possibility of it happening was very small, and it was very difficult to produce gold. A physicist said how to produce gold? When the neutron star collides with other planets, the collision will generate a lot of heat and emit many elements, one of which is gold. Due to its scarcity, there is not much gold on earth. After this statement was put forward, more and more scientists think that there may be a lot of gold on other planets and there are many inexhaustible resources, but human beings only have skin to explore the universe, and there are tens of thousands of stars in the universe.

There are too many uncertain factors for human to know more. Unless human can freely travel back and forth in the universe, it is very difficult to find more gold. Even if it is found one day, mining on other planets is also a big problem to be considered. To transport gold back to the earth, and more spaceships are needed. All these are inextricably related to human science and technology. One day, human science and technology will reach the peak, and perhaps gold from other planets will be mined back. What do you think of gold Do you understand? You can leave a message for interaction.

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