The earth receives mysterious cosmic signals once every 16 days, or extraterrestrial life deliberately attracts people’s attention

In fact, science and technology at this stage is developing very fast. First, it subverts many things in production and life. Second, it enables people to really know astronomy and geography. At the same time, it also makes the dream of ancient people come true again, that is to explore the earth, the moon and the universe.

Since Apollo landed on the moon in the 20th century, the novelty of setting foot on the universe has gradually gone away. With it comes a sense of emptiness, so the outline of a popular problem is gradually clear in people’s mind.

1. Is there any intelligent creature in the universe, and this kind of intelligent life, like human beings, has its own language and way of life? Will it really exist? Extraterrestrial civilization is always worth exploring.

Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 are old examples in textbooks. They carry all kinds of human information, including sound, pictures, the location of the earth and, of course, human DNA. They set out to explore the solar system as early as 1977. The arduous task of remaining planets, which also serves as the role of tomorrow, is to be discovered by extraterrestrial civilization one day.

Now it’s 2020. Voyager 1 has flown 21.1 billion kilometers and 43 years. Of course, it will take a long time to leave the solar system, but human beings still place their good wishes on him. Although the signals from deep in the universe never respond.

2. Does that mean that extraterrestrial life and civilization really do not exist?

In fact, it may not be. After all, astronomers now have such an attitude that the number of planets in the galaxy has exceeded hundreds of millions, so in the whole galaxy. There are about 200 to 200 billion such galaxies in the universe, which means that it may take us a long time to find extraterrestrial civilization, because the probability of such an event is too low.

Although it will take a long time to encounter extraterrestrial civilization, scientists all agree that it exists, because the sea does not respond too much when sending out signals, so scientists began to change their methods and adjust their strategies. They began to monitor all kinds of unlimited broadcasting, especially when it came from the depths of the universe. At the same time, they turned it into a plan called extraterrestrial civilization Explore the plan.

Sure enough, scientists have no clue about the launch of many planets, and finally found a violent but mysterious radio wave with amazing energy in a few milliseconds, which is called fast radio wave by scientists in astronomy.

When we understand a thing, we must first know its origin. However, so far, all kinds of hypotheses are in full bloom, but none of them can make people really happy, because each of them has many doubts. Now the most popular view is that it is due to the rapid rotation of the neutron star itself or the emission of a black hole with huge stress.

Of course, this wave is not often emitted, since 2007, scientists found the first one. The first wave calls it 010724. So, up to now, 110 of these radio waves have been discovered by human beings. Of course, most of them have only been launched once, so there are exceptions. A total of 10 kinds of radio waves have repeated bursts, but it’s a pity that they don’t have regular periodicity.

In January 2020, this situation has finally changed. Canadian scientists have found that in the spiral information 500 million light-years away from the earth, there is a fast radio wave, which is very regular. At the same time, they have been tracking it for 18 years. Then scientists have surprisingly found that every two hours he will emit this kind of radio wave. At the same time, the process of each time lasts for almost four days, and then it is silent for 12 days in the reciprocating cycle, so the cycle should be stable It should be about 16 days.

When many scientists are puzzled about this, some people suggest that this may be the feedback from extraterrestrial civilization. Of course, no matter what, there are many natural phenomena in the universe. They hope that science and technology can make continuous progress, so as to solve more doubts in human hearts.

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