The earth was formed 4.6 billion years ago and has been rotating like a perpetual motion machine. Where does its power come from?

Before human beings entered the era of science and technology, we already knew that there are four seasons in a year, four seasons have 365 days, and a day has 24 hours. At that time, we didn’t know why the earth has four seasons, why the sun rises and sets in the East, and why there are days and nights. So the ancient people who did not know the truth attributed all this to the gods, believing that the gods controlled everything.

However, with the continuous progress of human civilization, we have finally embarked on the road of scientific and technological development. The power of science and technology has made us constantly understand the world and the power of nature. At this time, we have already understood that the earth is actually circling around the sun, and it also has a certain speed. Of course, before human beings go out of the earth, we have no more intuitive cognition.

It was only with the help of science and technology that we finally stepped out of the earth and stood in space that we really saw the rotation of the earth. We are based on the earth. Naturally, we can’t feel the rotation of the earth. Only when we walk out of the earth can we see a rapidly rotating earth. Some people may think that the earth’s rotation speed is not very fast, but the fact is on the contrary, the earth’s rotation speed is very fast, as long as you stand in space, you will know how fast the earth’s rotation speed is.

In addition to the earth’s rotation, scientists have also found that other celestial bodies in the universe have their own rotation speed. Theoretically speaking, there is not an absolutely stationary celestial body in our universe, nor is there an celestial body that is not rotating.

The earth’s rotation has existed since the day of its birth. Many people may be very curious: where does the earth’s rotation power come from? In a certain sense, the earth is equivalent to a perpetual motion machine, rotating continuously for 4.6 billion years. But we all know that from a scientific point of view, perpetual motion machine does not exist, so why can the earth always rotate?

To solve this mystery, we need to start from the formation of the earth and the formation of the solar system. We need to understand that both stars and planets are born in nebulae, which are formed by a large amount of dust after the big bang. After the big bang, a large number of dust materials were born. These dust materials accumulated in space and formed various nebulae.

The dust or debris in the nebula is naturally gravitational, so the nebula itself is not static, but constantly rotating. Through rotation, the material inside the nebula continuously gathered to form the original asteroid. The solar system is now a nebula five billion years ago. In the process of continuous rotation of the nebula, a celestial body was first born at the center. This celestial body continuously condenses the surrounding dust through gravity, and finally ignites nuclear fusion to become a star.

The earth was born by the continuous condensation of leftover materials left after the formation of the sun. Because the nebular dust itself has acceleration, the Earth naturally has the initial speed of rotation after its formation. In addition, in the early stage of the formation of the earth, other small celestial bodies were constantly hitting the earth, which also brought the power of rotation to the earth.

In this way, in the process of growing, the earth is constantly impacted by small celestial bodies, which forms the most primitive rotation situation. When the earth’s atmosphere is formed, a large number of gaseous molecules absorbed from space can also promote the earth’s rotation to a certain extent.

There is another reason why the earth can rotate all the time, that is, space is infinitely close to a vacuum state. In such a space, there is basically no resistance. The real resistance is actually the gravitational force between celestial bodies. As we all know, when an object obtains its initial velocity, if there is no influence of resistance, its motion state will continue and never change until it encounters resistance.

So is the earth a perpetual motion machine? In fact, the earth is not a perpetual motion machine. The reason is very simple. Although the earth has been rotating for 4.6 billion years, the speed of rotation is not constant, but is slowly changing, that is, the speed of rotation is slowing down. Scientists believe that when the earth was formed, its rotation speed was much faster than it is now, only 4-8 hours a day.

Later, the earth’s rotation speed dropped sharply, one of the important contributions is the moon. According to the current research on the origin of the moon, it is believed that the moon originated from an early large collision. About 4 billion years ago, a Mars sized planet collided with the earth side by side, and the debris from the collision formed the later moon.

Although the moon is only a satellite, but it is an extraordinary satellite, the reason is that its mass is too large. Far beyond the mass of the normal satellite, it is precisely because the mass of the moon is too large, so its gravity on the ball is also very large. After the birth of the moon, a very obvious tidal force formed between the moon and the earth. Under the action of this gravity, the speed of the earth dropped rapidly.

The slowing down of the earth plays an important role in the formation and stability of the ecosystem. You should know that the earth also has a sister planet Venus, which is very similar to the earth in mass, volume and structure. Normally, the earth can become a living planet, so Venus should be able to. But in fact, Venus is a purgatory planet with a surface temperature of 460 degrees Celsius.

There is a big reason why Venus is like this, that is, its rotation is very slow. How slow is it? Venus has a rotation period of 243 Earth days and a revolution period of 225 Earth days. It can be seen that the rotation of Venus is slower than its revolution. Why does it form such an rotation? It’s still a mystery.

Through the above comparison, we can also see that too fast and too slow rotation of planets is not good, which is not conducive to the formation of excellent ecosystems and the birth and continuation of life. The earth can become a planet of life, can give birth to human beings, we should thank the moon, it is its arrival to slow down the earth. Otherwise, it may take billions of years for the earth to slow down.

If that is the case, then the earth may have just been born primitive life. Theoretically speaking, although the speed of the earth’s rotation is slowing down, it is a very long time. It is possible that the earth will still rotate when the sun comes to an end. Therefore, in a sense, the earth will not stop rotating.

Of course, with the rapid development of human science and technology, the addition of science and technology may change the earth in the future. I believe my friends have seen wandering earth. In the film, the sun is about to flash helium, threatening the survival of the earth and others. So scientists are ready to let the earth wander and leave the solar system. To make the earth wander, the first thing is to stop the earth’s rotation.

Thus it can be seen that the power of nature makes the earth keep rotating, while the power of science and technology can make the earth stop rotating. If we find a celestial body without rotation in the universe in the future, it will probably be a product of civilization. Because only the power of wisdom and civilization may be able to make a celestial body stop rotating.

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