The earth was frozen 700 million years ago for as long as 1 million years. Is it a masterpiece of aliens?

Today’s nature is full of vitality, and human beings have lived on the earth for millions of years. The birth of life depends on the earth. Although the current environment of the earth is suitable, 700 million years ago, the earth was completely frozen and the evolution of life was blocked. Many people suspect that this may not be a natural formation, but a masterpiece of aliens.

Has the earth ever been frozen?

This is not without scientific basis. Although the earth is full of vitality now, 700 million years ago, the earth’s environment was the second Europa. This is also the conclusion drawn by scientists in the process of archaeology. According to the analysis of existing geological evidence, more than 700 million years ago, the earth was frozen for more than 1 million years. In the long process of freezing, almost all life was strangled in the cradle, and the evolution of life entered a long blank period.

This discovery has aroused heated discussion among many people. Some people think that it is very difficult to freeze the earth for more than one million years. Therefore, some people speculate that this may be a masterpiece of aliens. Maybe the aliens are watching the earth’s every move on their own planet. They find that the evolution process of life on the earth is too fast, which hinders their expected goal, so they icebound the earth and implemented the life clearance plan.

Of course, this is just the conjecture of conspiracy theorists, and there is no real evidence. If aliens really exist and ice the earth, why bother so much? We just need to change the genes of organisms. This view has not been recognized by the scientific community. Scientists believe that maybe an asteroid hit the earth 700 million years ago, and a large amount of dust shrouded the earth’s surface, so that the earth entered the ice age. However, there is no evidence to prove that scientists have not found the crater 700 million years ago.

The frozen truth

With the deepening of research, scientists found after analyzing the earth’s structure that 700 million years ago, the earth’s plate movement once entered an active period of prosperity. Since then, the earth’s plate began to move violently. Maybe this is the precursor of the earth’s ice. Maybe at that time, volcanoes erupted frequently, and a lot of volcanic ash was enveloped in the air. This state lasted for one million years, so there was the so-called freezing period.

Now this statement has been accepted by the scientific community, but scientists have not found evidence of a volcanic eruption a million years ago. For all things in the world, natural disasters are inevitable. Even if human beings have created scientific and technological civilization, there is no way to prevent volcanic eruptions. These are actually the tests brought by nature to human beings. I don’t know what you think of them?

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