The earth was once the overlord of the planet, ruling the planet for several centuries, why evolution is less than human

Today, from the birth of the Milky way to the progress of human beings, there have been countless kinds of creatures on the earth, but today’s people can only find the traces of the existence of these ancient beasts through archaeology. Dinosaurs are the tyrants who have been found to be huge and ruled the earth for centuries. They have a wide range of species and huge clusters. Until today, when we see these dinosaur remains, we can’t help but be afraid Cold, this also makes us have a question, human gradually ruled the earth in several centuries, so why did these ancient earth monarchs not evolve?

Until the asteroid hit the earth and dinosaurs gradually went extinct, dinosaurs still maintained their original biological characteristics. Scientific research shows that dinosaurs existed on the earth for 200 million years, and they were the only species superior to other life forms on the earth at that time. They were always at the top of the biological chain, which changed the ecological environment of the earth at that time to a certain extent, but their genes were not the same They can’t evolve because of their disadvantages.

The subjective reason is that dinosaurs did not liberate their forelimbs. Most dinosaurs walked and preyed on the ground on their hind legs, but their forelimbs never took part in labor. Compared with human beings, in the evolutionary history, human beings gradually adapted to walking on their hind legs, liberated their hands, stimulated the development of the brain, increased the capacity of the brain, and gradually developed into a civilization after centuries of evolution However, dinosaurs never liberated their claws, and because of genetic problems, dinosaurs generally had short forelimbs, which made them unable to create prehistoric civilization.

The objective reason is the position of dinosaurs in the food chain. Most of dinosaurs are playing the role of consumers. In the face of them without natural enemies, they are only the predators within the species, and they have no sense of oppression. Similarly, compared with human beings, in the early stage of Homo sapiens, human beings were the lower end of the food chain and the food of other carnivores. Therefore, human beings sought the help of nature, such as natural barriers such as fire and water, and were seeking “help” At the same time, human beings gradually evolved and created civilization.

To sum up, the answers given by the scientific community are as follows: one of the reasons why dinosaurs did not evolve is due to the irreversibility of genes. Dinosaurs are huge and their forelimbs can not be liberated, which makes it impossible to transform and create tools; the other is that dinosaur species are too powerful to exist at the top of the food chain all the time. Species without survival pressure naturally give up endogenous motivation.

As the saying goes, poverty leads to change, change leads to communication, and communication leads to achievement. Only when human beings know this truth can they keep developing. So where is the end of human beings? Is the species after infinite evolution still human? What do you think of these questions? Welcome to leave a message and express your opinion!

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