The earth will be full of disasters in 2020. What will mankind face in 2021?

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2020 has become the past. Although the two decades have passed, its impact on human beings is still continuing. The epidemic is not over, it runs through the whole year of 2020, and there is no sign that it will stop in 2021, and it will continue to develop.

The United Nations has publicly stated that 2020 will be a year full of disasters, and it is true. Everyone who has gone through 2020 should be able to see the occurrence of various disasters, so what are the more influential disasters in 2020? Let’s make a simple summary.

With the increasing greenhouse effect, the temperature of the earth is getting higher and higher, and the global temperature in 2020 has reached a very high level, which can be compared with 2016. According to scientists, the year with the highest temperature was 2016, the hottest year on record. In 2020, the temperature is no less than that of 2016.

Under the influence of global warming, a series of chain reactions have emerged. With the rising global temperature in recent years, if the country with the most obvious impact is Australia, it is estimated that it is Australia. Australia’s climate center also announced in 2020, Australia’s climate hit a record high.

Under the influence of high temperature, Australia is a very dense area of virgin forest, so the most serious forest fire ever happened. The fire in Australia lasted for several months and its impact was serious and far-reaching. The fire not only changed Australia’s climate and environment, but also caused more than 3 billion mass extinctions, which is a total biosphere disaster.

After the forest fire broke out in Australia, East Africa is also on the rise, also ushering in the largest locust plague in history. I believe everyone has heard of the terrible plague of locusts. In ancient times, the natural disaster that people were most afraid of was the plague of locusts. It can be said that we are talking about the great changes of locusts. Although mankind has entered the era of science and technology, and there are many means to eliminate locusts, there is still no better solution to the overwhelming locust plague.

The locust plague in East Africa has affected a lot of food functions and exacerbated the food crisis in East Africa. Food is the foundation of human survival. If there is a food crisis, it will bring many impacts. Therefore, we can see that in 2020, grain prices will generally rise sharply.

In addition to the above two disasters, there will be many other disasters in 2020, such as more serious typhoons, torrential rains, floods, continuous damage caused by viruses and so on. Mankind has not been knocked down in the year 2020, which is full of disasters. We have survived firmly. Now that we have entered 2021, many people will care: what will mankind face in 2021?

In fact, most people are not optimistic about 2021. I’m afraid it’s difficult to change the trend of global temperature rise. 2020 is a record high temperature year. Will the temperature drop in 2021? Some people may say that this year’s winter is colder than in previous years, which means that the earth’s temperature has dropped. Then in the summer of 2021, the temperature should also be lower than that of 2020. Is that really the case?

The possibility is very small. It’s true that winter is colder than before. Climate experts also said that winter in 2020 will be a cold East. But this cold winter is not brought by the normal climate, but is affected by La Nina phenomenon. La Nina is a pronoun of extreme climate, its appearance just indicates that the earth’s temperature is accelerating.

The climate anomaly caused by global warming will be more and more obvious. Scientists believe that the future climate will show polarization, which will be very extreme, that is, it will be hot in summer and frozen in winter. This extreme climate of polarization will have more and more impact on the life of the earth and human beings.

Lianyungang also believes that 2021 will not be an ideal year. It is likely that there will be more serious global disasters than 2020, and that human beings will face more problems than 2020. Therefore, we should not expect that the climate in 2021 will be better. We should be prepared in advance to meet all kinds of natural disasters that may come in 2021.

The earth’s climate is becoming more and more severe, which makes scientists feel helpless. Some scientists think that the sixth mass extinction of the earth may have come, and human beings are in the cycle of a new round of mass extinction. Some people may say that the mass extinction is a terrible ecological disaster. Although the earth’s environment is not good, we don’t see how serious it is. How can we think it is a mass extinction?

In fact, many people have a misunderstanding about the mass extinction, that is, they think it can cause a devastating extinction of the earth’s life in a short time. But in fact, in the past 500 million years, there have been five mass extinctions on the earth, except for the fifth one, which was caused by the global volcanic eruption caused by the impact of an asteroid on the earth, resulting in the rapid deterioration of the earth’s ecology. The other four mass extinctions lasted a long time.

Each round of mass extinction has its early, middle and late stages, which can last for tens of thousands of years. Only in the late stage of mass extinction, due to the continuous deterioration of ecology in the early and middle stage, will the collapse of the ecological environment be ushered in, thus leading to mass extinction.

In the early stage of mass extinction, the ecological environment has begun to change from good to worse. At present, the ecological environment of the earth is just like this. Since human beings entered the industrial age, a large number of greenhouse gases and other wastes are continuously discharged, the greenhouse effect is becoming more and more serious, and the climate environment is getting worse and worse. With the continuous deterioration of the earth’s climate, more and more species are extinct every year.

These behaviors are very similar to the situation in the early stage of the mass extinction. Therefore, it is very reasonable for scientists to think that human beings have entered the sixth cycle of mass extinction. Hawking once predicted that if global warming continues to intensify, human beings will not be able to survive on the earth.

Hawking’s prediction may really become a reality. We should know that when the greenhouse effect continues to intensify, there will be more and more problems, and all kinds of natural disasters continue to occur, which will eventually lead to the complete collapse of the entire ecological environment and enter an irreversible state. At this time, it is basically impossible for human beings to reverse the earth’s ecology.

After the complete collapse of the earth’s ecology, the temperature of the earth’s surface will also reach 460 degrees centigrade like that of Venus. How can human beings survive in such a high temperature environment. Therefore, the rising temperature of the earth is only a deterioration in the early stage, and it has not reached the critical point of collapse. And there is still hope for humanity to turn this situation around.

If we want to change the earth’s ecology from bad to good, we need to eliminate the root cause. The root cause of global warming is the large amount of carbon dioxide brought by industry. To be exact, it is the large amount of carbon dioxide emissions brought by the use of fossil energy. However, fossil energy is the foundation of the development of science and technology. We can’t give it up. Only when a new and more powerful energy appears can we completely replace fossil energy.

This kind of energy is the controllable nuclear fusion that scientists have been working hard to study. As long as it is realized, human beings will enter the era of nuclear fusion and a new energy era. At that time, fossil energy will naturally be replaced. Without the use of fossil energy, the problem of carbon dioxide emissions will naturally be solved.

Although the ideal is beautiful, it is not a matter of one day to realize controllable nuclear fusion. Fifty years ago, scientists were studying and exploring it, but now it is still far from the realization of real controllable nuclear fusion. It will take 50 years to realize its conservative estimation, and it may take hundreds of years if it is not conservative.

The earth’s ecological environment is deteriorating very fast. If the earth’s ecology collapsed due to rapid deterioration before controllable nuclear fusion, even with controllable nuclear fusion, we can not restore the earth’s ecological environment and can only choose to migrate to the outer planet. So, humans are racing against time.

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