The earth’s atmosphere is abducted 100000 tons by the solar wind every year. How many years can the earth become Mars?

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The earth is a beautiful planet of life and the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. The reason why the earth can become a very rare life planet in the universe is that it needs to meet many conditions, including external conditions and the conditions of the earth itself.

The main external condition is to be in the livable zone. Only in the livable zone can we get the appropriate sunlight and temperature, and the appropriate temperature is an important condition for the birth of life. In particular, to complete the long evolution of life and eventually give birth to intelligent life, is inseparable from the appropriate temperature.

Of course, besides the earth, there are Venus and Mars in the habitable zone. Why can only the earth become an intelligent civilization planet? This needs to meet the superior conditions of the planet itself, and among the many conditions of the planet itself, the protection of a thick atmosphere is very important. The atmosphere is very important for a living planet. It can effectively block all kinds of threats, such as solar radiation and cosmic radiation.

And the atmosphere is also a very important insulation layer. When the sunlight reaches the earth, the atmosphere absorbs, scatters and reflects part of the heat energy, so that the earth’s temperature will not be too high in the daytime. At night, it slows down the heat emission on the earth, so that the earth’s temperature will not be too low at night. In this way, a very good temperature difference will be formed. The smaller the temperature difference is, the better life will be Evolution and continuity.

If there is no atmosphere or the atmosphere is very thin, the day and night temperature on the surface of the planet will be very high, so it is difficult for life to adapt to such a huge temperature difference environment. With a thick atmosphere, the planet will have a very stable ecological environment, and a good ecological environment will enable life to survive and continue better, and there is hope to complete the long evolution, and finally give birth to intelligent life.

The outer layer of the rocky planet earth is surrounded by a layer of atmosphere about 100 kilometers thick. It is with this layer of protection that we have a perfect ecosystem on the surface. And the thick atmosphere can also effectively block the asteroid impact on the earth. As we all know, the biggest external disaster threatening the earth and life is the asteroid impact.

The solar system is a galaxy with an incalculable number of asteroids. These asteroids often break away from their orbits and collide with the earth. When the asteroid enters the earth’s atmosphere, it will quickly rub and burn up. When it hits the ground, it will either burn up or become very small, which will not cause huge impact disaster.

If there is no atmosphere or the atmosphere is very thin, the asteroid will not burn up, and it will crash heavily on the earth’s surface, which will bring a devastating disaster to the earth’s life. This shows how important the atmosphere is to the life of the earth. However, through continuous research by scientists, it is found that the earth’s atmosphere has been losing, and it is about 100000 tons of atmosphere every year.

Although the mass of the earth’s atmosphere is very large, according to this consumption, the earth’s atmosphere will continue to decrease until one day it becomes as thin as Mars. Do we need to worry about the annual loss of the earth’s atmosphere? In fact, there is no need to worry at all. We need to know that the weight of the earth’s atmosphere is about 6000 trillion tons. According to the annual loss of 100000 tons, it will take 60 billion years to consume up.

60 billion years is a very long time. It is only 13.8 billion years since the birth of the universe, and the life span of the sun is only more than 10 billion years. After 60 billion years, the sun had already consumed hydrogen and evolved into a white dwarf through helium flash expansion. At that time, human beings had to leave the solar system to survive in other galaxies.

Moreover, according to the research of scientists, the earth’s atmosphere has always maintained a dynamic balance, and the annual loss will be supplemented by other ways. These include oxygen released by photosynthesis in plants and carbon dioxide released by respiration in animals. At the same time, volcanic eruptions and decay of animal and plant remains will also produce gases, which will enter the atmosphere. Moreover, the earth will also capture some gas particles wandering in the earth’s orbit, so that the weight of the atmosphere will always maintain a dynamic balance.

It can be seen that we need not worry about the loss of the earth’s atmosphere. Some may ask, if so, does it mean that the earth’s atmosphere will never disappear? Of course not. First of all, we need to understand that the annual loss of the earth’s atmosphere is only 100000 tons, because the earth has a very strong magnetic field.

The role of the magnetic field is very big, it can effectively distort the solar radiation to the earth. Before the solar wind enters the atmosphere, it has to undergo the distortion protection of a strong magnetic field, so that the solar wind that finally touches the earth’s atmosphere will be much weaker, unable to abduct more of the earth’s atmosphere. Without the protection of this strong magnetic field, the amount of atmosphere carried away by the solar wind is not 100000 tons, but tens or even hundreds of times of this value.

If so, the earth’s atmosphere can not last for 60 billion years, and it may take hundreds of millions of years to abduct all the earth’s atmosphere and become a desolate planet without atmosphere protection, without liquid water and life, just like Mars.

Through continuous exploration and Research on Mars, scientists believe that long ago, Mars, like the earth, might be a beautiful blue planet, with a large amount of liquid water resources, thick atmosphere and magnetic field on its surface, which may have given birth to early life.

But later, I don’t know why, it may be the impact of a giant planet, so that Mars’s magnetic field disappeared. With the disappearance of the magnetic field, the Martian atmosphere is directly exposed to the solar wind, and then it is carried into space by the solar wind. In this way, the Martian atmosphere becomes thinner and thinner. Without the protection of the atmosphere, it is difficult to retain the liquid water resources on the surface of Mars. The original perfect ecosystem has gradually become the present desolation.

From the example of Mars, we can see that if the atmosphere of a planet wants to be permanently protected from the solar wind, the important factor is the protection of a strong magnetic field. The generation of magnetic field is related to the movement of the earth’s core. As long as the core remains active, the magnetic field will always exist. There are only two kinds of disasters that can destroy the earth’s core and cause it to stop moving. One is the natural way, such as the impact of a huge asteroid.

The other is man-made disasters, such as digging through the earth’s core. Of course, it’s very difficult to dig through the earth. It’s impossible to do so with the current science and technology of human beings, but science and technology are constantly developing. As long as human beings solve the problem of high-temperature drill in the future, it’s possible to dig into the earth’s core or even dig through the earth.

If human science and technology really has the ability to dig through the earth in the future, will anyone try to take risks? Xiaobian guessed that someone would do it. You know, human beings like to take risks most. Sometimes they know that doing so will bring disaster to human beings, but there are still people who will do it. This kind of thing has happened many times in human history. Unless the scientific and technological strength can’t reach it, as long as the scientific and technological strength can reach it, not to mention digging through the earth, or digging through the sun, they dare to do it.

Thus, it can be seen that whether the earth’s atmosphere can be permanently preserved in the future is still an unknown. It may be destroyed by human beings. One day in the future, the earth will lose its atmospheric protection. At that time, we will have to leave the earth and immigrate to live on other planets.

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