The earth’s climate is close to the threshold. In 10 years, it may not become a fireball, but a different form!

The earth’s climate is close to the threshold. In 10 years, it may not become a fireball, but a different form!

The earth has four seasons, summer and winter are the most headache, one is too hot, the other is too cold, not suitable for spring and autumn environment. In my childhood memory, when winter comes, heavy snow, cold, to wear a thick down jacket, the body is particularly heavy. Because the weather is too cold, most people will choose to stay at home, and it is the same in summer. People’s mood will be affected if they are too cold or too hot.

Since entering the modern society, the earth’s environment has changed significantly, the scale of industrialization is expanding, and the thick snow is rarely seen in winter, which makes people feel empty. Why is this situation? The vast majority of people put all the problems into the emission of carbon dioxide, which belongs to greenhouse gas. Excessive emission will cause the greenhouse effect. With the rise of global temperature, the time in winter will naturally be shorter, and the change in the north and south poles is the most obvious. This seems to be a foregone conclusion. We are in the warm period of the earth. The earth’s climate is close to the threshold. In 10 years, it may not become a fireball, but a different form!

The earth won’t turn into a fireball, but a very cold one?

In order to alleviate this phenomenon, scientists have repeatedly warned mankind to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and live a low-carbon life. They hope to find clean energy to replace carbon resources through the power of science and technology. Even many forecasters say that if carbon emissions are not controlled, the future Earth will become a fireball, and the hot people can’t bear it. However, some people have expressed inconsistent views. Is the future of mankind really so pessimistic? A British scientist wrote that in the next 8-10 years, the earth may not become a fireball, but an extremely cold earth, totally two extremes. Why would he say such a statement?

It is based on the results of computer simulation. The growth of all things is inseparable from the sun. It is said that the life span of the sun is only 5 billion years, and the solar radiation is also gradually decreasing. By 2030, the solar radiation will be reduced by more than 60%, mainly because the position of the sun has been deflected. Due to the interference of gravity, the speed of the solar radiation reaching the surface of the sun has been significantly slowed down, so human beings are not satisfied There is no need to worry too much about global warming. It will end completely with the arrival of the little ice age. What we should worry about is how to face this extremely cold weather.

The current situation of the earth’s environment

2020 is a hot year, which does not mean that it will be every year in the future. At present, the temperature of the earth is close to the threshold value, which is changeable. Some experts believe that even if the little ice age really comes, carbon dioxide may not be able to be controlled, because its emissions have long exceeded expectations, and may continue to remain in a higher range. The earth’s temperature change may be within the range that human beings can bear, but food production will have a huge impact.

No matter the little ice age or global warming, it’s bad news for human beings. Only by finding ways to tide over the difficulties and solving them from the source, can the earth not suffer so much damage. Do you think the future Earth will become a fireball or an extremely cold earth? You can leave a message for interaction.

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