The earth’s coordinates may have been exposed 83 years ago. Fermi’s paradox tells us that the universe is not so simple

When mankind entered the road of scientific and technological development, it soon realized the dream of flying to the sky, walked out of the earth and began to explore the universe. There are many unknown mysteries in the universe, among which the most interesting is the exploration of the existence of alien civilization.

Some people may think that voyager-1, launched in 1977, was the first human to explore for extraterrestrial civilization. It carried human information and the coordinates of the earth and sailed to the vast depths of the universe. Although we have not yet discovered alien civilization through Voyager, some people think that the earth’s coordinates may have been exposed through Voyager.

In fact, the earth’s coordinates may have been exposed before Voyager I. 83 years ago, the radio signals of the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games began to spread in the universe, and since then the earth’s coordinates have been broadcast. Scientists hope that after receiving the broadcast electromagnetic waves, alien organisms can actively contact the earth. However, 83 years later, we have not received any signal from the alien civilization to contact us, nor have we found the spaceship of the alien civilization coming to earth.

Is there no alien civilization in the universe, only the earth, a living planet, and only human civilization? Obviously, this is also impossible. We don’t know how big the vast universe is. At present, the scope of the universe that human beings can explore is tens of billions of light-years, which may be just the tip of the iceberg of the whole universe. Not to mention the whole universe, take our galaxy as an example. Its diameter has reached 100000 light-years. There are hundreds of billions of stars, and there may be at least hundreds of millions of earth like planets similar to the earth. If there is no alien civilization, no one will believe it.

There are also different views on alien civilization in the scientific community. Hawking believes that “if we are not our own race, our hearts will be different”, hoping that researchers will stop all the work of searching for alien creatures. However, Mr. Fermi, the Nobel Prize winner, believes that alien civilization is far more than one million years of human society, and human beings have no chance to find alien creatures.

I believe many friends have heard of Fermi’s paradox. In an informal discussion in 1950, when Fermi, the Nobel Prize winner and physicist, was discussing with others about UFOs and aliens, he suddenly said, “where are they?” If there are a lot of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations in the galaxy, why can’t we even see evidence of spaceships or probes?

For this problem, Fermi’s paradox has a new explanation. There may be a huge gap between human beings on earth and alien civilizations in science and technology. We should know that every hundred years of difference in science and technology, there will be a huge gap in the scientific and technological strength of civilization. Think about what science and technology was like on earth a hundred years ago and what science and technology is now. There is no comparability between the two.

Fermi’s paradox holds that the science and technology of alien civilization may be more advanced than that of human beings for at least one million years. This is a gap between heaven and earth. It is this huge gap in science and technology that makes it difficult for human beings and alien civilizations to have contact and communication. Moreover, the speed of objects they have is also different. In the eyes of human beings, the speed of light is the limit, and the limit speed of objects is the speed of light, which is based on love From Einstein’s theory of relativity.

But in the eyes of alien civilization, the speed of light is only the basic speed in the universe, relative to the basic speed unit on earth. In the eyes of the alien civilization, the distance of tens of light years can only be reached in an instant, so the alien civilization has realized the super light speed flight and wormhole shuttle. But in the eyes of human beings, a light year is an unattainable distance.

From this, we can see that human beings and alien civilizations are living in two different worlds. It is possible that the coordinates of the earth can be determined. On the day when the earth broadcasts to the universe, the alien civilization already knows that there is a solar system on the edge of the galaxy, and there is a civilized planet Earth in the solar system. But why don’t alien civilizations send replies to humans? Greedy or come directly to earth to contact with humans?

It is possible that alien civilizations look at human beings like a group of ants. The gap in strength is too big and there is no equal right to dialogue and exchange. In fact, it’s also very easy to understand. If human beings realized the shuttle of time and space and could return to the earth hundreds of thousands of years ago, what kind of attitude would we have towards the primitive ancestors of human beings at that time? Would we have equal communication with these primitive humans who may have just been born?

Maybe we won’t communicate with them either. The reason is very simple. The gap of strength is too big to communicate at all. Of course, no matter how primitive it is, it is also the ancestor of human beings, and we will still give it some respect. But if human beings enter into the interstellar civilization in the future, find a primitive planet in the galaxy that has just given birth to intelligent life, and see primitive aborigines who are completely different from human beings, will we contact them and have equal exchanges?

Maybe at that time, in the eyes of human beings, the aborigines on the primitive planet were too backward, a group of uncivilized animals, and they were not willing to communicate with them at all. It can be seen that the universe is also a place where the law of the jungle prevails. Only two civilizations with similar strength can have the opportunity to contact and exchange. If the strength gap is too big, high-level civilizations are not willing to communicate with low-level civilizations.

It is possible that there are many civilizations in the vast galaxy, whose strength is not equal to that of human beings. Although they know the existence of the earth and human beings, they are not willing to contact us. And the alien civilizations, which are similar to human strength, are also exploring for other civilizations that may exist. They can’t find the earth at all. Even if they do, they can’t reach the earth, and they can’t be sure whether the earth has intelligent civilization.

From this, we can see that everything still depends on our strength. Only by continuously developing science and technology and becoming an interstellar civilization as soon as possible, can we find the real extraterrestrial civilization out of the solar system. If we shrink into the solar system, we may never find the existence of extraterrestrial civilization, unless the extraterrestrial civilization initiative contacts us.

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