The earth’s major secret was discovered. The strange sound from Mariana Trench turned out to be from it!

Who is the voice of “wailing” in Mariana Trench? Scientists have finally revealed the secret!

Man’s understanding of the earth is only on the surface, and nothing inside. Once the Soviet Union started a plan to dig through the earth, and finally it was forced to stop when it reached 12263 meters. There are many arguments about the reasons for stopping. What is the underground world like? Everyone has their own imagination. Because it is difficult to solve the problems of deep pressure and deep heat, human beings can only be blocked on the surface.

Through relevant research, scientists found that the Mariana Trench is the closest place to the underground. As long as we have a thorough understanding of this trench, the secret hidden underground will not be far away. So scientists put a large number of detection equipment in the trench. After years of monitoring, no abnormality was found. Not long ago, a strange sound was recorded by a recording device put in by scientists. If you listen carefully, it looks like a cry, which makes you shiver. Who on earth made this sound? Who is the voice of “wailing” in Mariana Trench? Scientists have finally revealed the secret!

Who is the voice of Mariana Trench?

At first, scientists were very surprised to hear the sound. In the place where this sound is heard, a large amount of seawater is being sucked into the ground crazily, and the swallowing speed is extremely fast. It is estimated that more than 3 billion tons of seawater will be swallowed up every year. Sooner or later, such a powerful force will destroy the earth’s ecological environment. The so-called crying sound is the sound of compressed gas emitted by sea water after it is quickly sucked into the ground. This makes people curious. What kind of gas is it?

There is a lot of hydrogen in sea water. Its importance is self-evident. It can also be used as the fuel of artificial sun. Long ago, it was said that there was an advanced civilization with artificial sun underground. Is that true? This makes people have to consider a practical problem. Suppose that there are underground people who have been stealing water. Why does the sea level rise instead of falling? Did they use sea water as fuel? If so, where did they drain the water they swallowed?

Do the underground people exist?

This series of problems perplex scientists. If underground people exist, their high technology will be much more powerful than that of human beings. Human beings may not be able to understand it at all. The discovery of this strange phenomenon in the Mariana Trench has sounded an alarm for human beings. This is a big secret inside the earth. Thanks to the investment of so many equipment, we have a better understanding of the earth’s interior.

Not only that, when scientists probe deep into the trench, they also detect the existence of plastic particles. They float in the sea water without destination. As long as they are absorbed into the body by any marine organisms, they will bring potential harm. It is a hidden danger to all organisms. This tells us a truth that we should pay more attention to the protection of the environment when exploring the underground world The protection of the earth’s environment, marine pollution is an urgent problem, do not take some action, all the oceans on the earth will become polluted. What do you think of these important discoveries made by scientists? You can leave a message for interaction.

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