The earth’s overlord 400 million years ago, who wants to eat, has now become a weak existence

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The earth was born 4.6 billion years ago. After hundreds of millions of years of stable evolution, the early simple life was born about 3.8 billion years ago. After continuous evolution, simple life forms become more and more advanced. At the same time, all kinds of life on earth are enriched. It took billions of years of life evolution before the birth of human beings.

In the long evolutionary history of life on earth for billions of years, there is no definite answer as to how many kinds of creatures and which dominant creatures have appeared. And biologists can only explore and study different biological forms in different periods of the earth through some archaeological discoveries. Through a series of research and exploration, we found that the life history of the earth for billions of years is very complex and mysterious, and the overlord creatures at different stages are different.

For example, 66 million years ago was the age of dinosaurs. At that time, the dominant force of the earth was dinosaurs. This is an extremely large creature, and human beings are no small point in front of it. If we do not rely on modern weapons, we need hundreds or even thousands of people to work together to defeat a tyrannical dinosaur. This shows how powerful dinosaurs were at that time. Unfortunately, an asteroid impact later made the dinosaurs that ruled the earth for 160 million years extinct, leaving only some dinosaur fossils.

In addition to the earth’s dominant dinosaurs that once appeared, the earth’s dominant dinosaurs were also born 400 million years ago. Moreover, such dominant dinosaurs did not die out later, and they have continued to the present through evolution. This kind of creature is the most common insect in our country. I believe we are not unfamiliar with insects. They can be called the most species and quantity of animals on earth.

The strength of insects is relatively strong, and other kinds of creatures of the same size are far from their rivals. Insects are not only powerful, but also have fierce weapons. Take the common ants for example, they are born with divine power and can lift objects several times heavier than themselves. Fortunately, today’s insects are very small, making them the bottom of the food chain.

But insects were completely different 400 million years ago. At that time, the earth’s environment was more comfortable and conducive to the existence of various animals and plants. So at that time, the life on earth was not only very rich in variety, but also very large in quantity, which was quite different from what it is now. Even at that time, the oxygen content in the atmosphere reached more than 20%, which led to the extremely large size of many animals at that time. Even our very weak insects were the dominant creatures 400 million years ago.

400 million years ago was the “Carboniferous” era, which can also be called the “giant insect era”. At that time, insects were the dominant of the earth. Many people may wonder how big were the insects in the “giant insect era”? Judging from the fossils found so far, many of the organisms living in the Carboniferous period are large in size. For example, a giant centipede can reach 4 or 5 meters in length. Dragonflies can also be more than one meter long, and other insects are extremely large.

For example, we often hear about the cockroach. It is a counsellor in front of a dog. If the dog goes down, the cockroach will die. However, 400 million years ago, the situation was quite the opposite. Dogs were the only counselors in front of cockroaches, because cockroaches are several times bigger than today’s puppies. If they want to attack puppies, they may eat them at any time.

Take the centipede for example. It’s an extremely ugly animal. People want to stay away from it when they see it. Nowadays, in addition to seeing centipedes in rural areas, it’s hard to find centipedes in cities. In rural areas, centipedes have become animals that can be trampled to death with one foot.

However, in the “giant insect age” 400 million years ago, insects were the overlord of the earth, while centipedes were the overlord of the insect world. This is because centipedes can not only grow up to 4 or 5 meters, but also have two strong fangs. Once they bite their prey, they will not let go. So at that time, there were basically no animals in nature that were centipedes.

Some people may say that in the “Carboniferous” era, insects were the largest living things? Of course not. If not, why can insects dominate? In fact, as we have mentioned above, the combat effectiveness of insects is very fierce, because they are not only very powerful, but also have very powerful attacking organs. In the modern world, some animals, which are often dozens of times larger than ants, eventually become the food of ants.

It can be seen from this that insects are all masters of defeating the strong by the weak. Even if you are much bigger than insects, sometimes you are not their rivals. Because in the “giant insect age”, although insects were not the largest creatures at that time, they were the most aggressive animals. Moreover, insects often lived in groups, and there were thousands of them once they went out. Even if the dinosaurs 66 million years ago came to the age of giant worms, they might have become food for worms.

Through the above understanding, we finally understand how terrible insects were in the age of giant insects 400 million years ago. Fortunately, with the continuous decline of atmospheric oxygen content, insects became smaller and smaller after a long evolution. Today, although the number of insects is still extremely large, they are no longer the overlord of the animal kingdom, let alone the earth. They have become the existence of the bottom of the biological world.

See here we have to sigh: nature is really wonderful, it can let you become the overlord of the earth, also can let you destroy or reduced to the bottom of the existence. The evolution of insects is a very good example. Of course, compared with dinosaurs, insects have a very good fate. Nature’s ruling on dinosaurs is extinction.

There is no eternal thing in this world. Although human beings are the overlord of the earth now, if we do not work hard and develop rapidly, we may be replaced by another species in the future. Only by making positive progress and striving for rapid development, can human beings always stand at the top of the food chain and be the overlord of the earth. Even in the future, we may become the overlord of the galaxy and the universe.

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