The earth’s “younger brother” finally appeared, 7 times larger than the earth, or already has life!

The earth’s “younger brother” finally appeared, 7 times larger than the earth, or already has life!

In ancient times, the yearning for the universe was not suppressed. Due to the limitation of science and technology, human beings can only look up at the vast stars, but can never touch the mysterious area. Fortunately, all our efforts have not been in vain. Now that mankind has entered a modern society, there has been a qualitative leap in the field of science and technology. Most of the puzzles left behind have been answered, laying a good foundation for human exploration of the universe. In particular, scientists are very eager to learn about outer space.

Over the years, human exploration of outer space has never stopped. There are two main purposes, one is to discover other civilizations in the universe, the other is to find a new earth. From the moon to Mars, human beings spend a lot of human and material resources, and finally get nothing. At least we know that the environment of these two planets is so bad that they are not suitable for living. So experts turned their attention to other planets. In the huge solar system, there are at least 20 stars similar to the earth, but they are limited by the distance. The earth’s “younger brother” finally appeared, 7 times larger than the earth, or already has life!

Scientists find the new earth

In recent years, suspected human traces have been found on many planets, making scientists more convinced of the existence of extraterrestrial civilization. Especially in recent years, the earth’s environment is getting worse and worse, and migration may become the only hope of mankind. It’s not an impulse. It’s a decision made by scientists after careful consideration. Recently, experts have discovered a new earth highly similar to the earth, which is named lhs1140b.

According to observation, its volume is about seven times that of the earth, and it is extremely rich in resources. Is there an alien civilization on this planet long ago? This makes people have to think about another problem. If the environment of this planet is superior enough, will there be other life here long ago? There are great limitations in human science and technology, and there is no ability to find them.

Problems to be solved in human migration

In addition, human beings need to solve the problem of distance. This planet is still far away from the earth. The speed of spacecraft detectors built by human beings is limited, and no detector can exceed the speed of light. Unless the future human beings can build more advanced detectors, they will be able to immigrate here. The most important thing is that there are as many as 7 billion people on the earth, and it is unlikely that they will immigrate to the past. Experts are still unable to confirm whether there is any alien civilization on the planet, and human rashness will only irritate them. Once an attack is launched on human beings, it may directly destroy human civilization.

Although human beings have become the masters of the earth, they are very small compared with the universe. Even after millions of years of development, they still know nothing about alien civilization. At present, what human beings should do is to calm down and strive to improve science and technology. When science and technology reach the peak level, it will not be a problem to escape from the solar system in the future, let alone interstellar migration. What do you think of the mysterious planet that scientists have found? Can humans really migrate here? You can leave a message for interaction.

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