The emotions of these three animals are richer than those of human beings. One is a master of humor, and the other is tied up in life for love

On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, there is a kind of peculiar looking shark, which is called “ghost face shark” because of its unique structure of its bottom organs. According to local fishermen who know about the life habits of ghost faced sharks, this kind of shark is not only less aggressive than any other kind of shark, but also extremely insensitive to the smell of blood. Even its appearance has nothing to do with the ferocity of other sharks. According to local fishermen, the shark is a natural humorous artist in the ocean. Because this kind of shark will quickly swing its lower body’s accessory fin when it senses the danger, which is used to speed up its walking speed in the sea. Because of its humorous swimming posture and its gifted smiling face, it is called humorous ghost face shark by the local people.

I believe we all know the story of the ugly duckling turning into a white swan. In the fairy tale, the lovely ugly duckling, in order to find his own parents, is ridiculed by his companions on the way of growing up, and finally turns into a beautiful white swan. But recently, more than 300 cute ducklings have been found by relevant researchers. Almost every newly hatched duckling will choose the creature that appears in front of its eyes as its own family for no reason. With this interesting experiment, researchers found that even if a duckling who had been accompanied by a kitten for six months was put back to its biological parents, the duckling who had been accompanied by a kitten still chose to go back to his default parents and eat his own share of food with the kitten. However, the ducklings who return to their biological parents will appear restless, and even some ducklings will appear to resist, seemingly to resist the sudden danger.

In Australia, which is rich in species, there is a kind of lovebird whose body size is as smart as hummingbird. According to a local research report on birds, the bird’s scientific name is white headed flycatcher. A biologist who tracks and records the white headed flycatcher was surprised to find that the bird’s memory is even shorter than that of a fish with only seven days. But the only thing it will never forget is the male white headed flycatcher’s call to attract females during the mating season. The researchers recorded the calls of the male birds they heard as they chose their mate, and then played them back as they homing. Female white headed flycatchers choose the recording device that researchers use to record their calls as their mate for the rest of their lives. Seeing this, Xiaobian can’t help but sigh heartily that the animals in nature are sincere in expressing their emotions, and some choices are even more desolate than us.

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