The end of the world is coming? These three disasters are imminent, involving the earth and human beings!

The power of the three disasters can destroy the earth and endanger human survival!

Before the birth of human beings, there were five mass extinctions on the earth. The most recent one was the extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago. The most popular reason in the industry is the asteroid impact. With the size and living habits of dinosaurs, if natural disasters had not taken its life, perhaps it would have dominated the earth until now, and there is nothing wrong with human beings. So we should be glad that the extinction of dinosaurs ushered in the most brilliant stage in human history.

Every extinction will lead to the elimination of species, and some species are tenacious enough to survive. The most amazing thing is that during the Permian period 200 million years ago, 97% of the species died out, and only 3% of the species survived. Despite the diversity of life on earth, it seems prosperous. Some creatures have more history than human beings. They have evolved step by step to form this form. For a long time, human beings are most worried about the sixth mass extinction, which may involve human beings. In order to give people a sense of alertness, scientists cite three major disasters that may pose a threat to human beings. The power of the three disasters can destroy the earth and endanger human survival!

Three disasters threatening human beings

The first one is asteroid impact. The earth is located in a unique position. There are countless protective stars around it. Their gravity helps the earth bear a lot of pressure. If it were not for their existence, the earth would have been full of holes. Hawking predicted that the earth may fall into the end of the world, and an asteroid will collide with the earth. For human beings, this kind of disaster is inevitable. Human beings are focusing on the development of high technology, hoping to judge the position of the asteroid through the power of science and technology, and then change its orbit. Human only hope that this day will come later.

The second disaster is global warming. Everyone is deeply touched by the accelerated melting of glaciers, the increasing frequency of water ingestion by the ocean, the straight-line rise of sea level, making many residents homeless, and the near extinction of living creatures in the north and south poles. Maybe it will only take a few 10 years for the earth to be submerged. By then, how much land on the earth can be used for human habitation? It is likely to accelerate the arrival of the sixth mass extinction. What human beings should do is to find out the root causes and fundamentally solve the problems, so as to continue to live on the earth.

The last problem is the life span of the earth. Regardless of external attacks, the earth will disappear one day, and it also has a life span. All things in the world need to rely on the sun. The life of the sun is only 5 billion years. It is integrated with the earth. Once the life of the sun is not long, the earth is close to destruction, and all species will die out.

The occurrence of these disasters, in fact, everyone can think that the current situation of the earth has been exhausting, scientists can only constantly remind mankind to protect the earth, otherwise the future Earth will become the grave of mankind. What other disasters do you think the earth will face besides these? You can leave a message for interaction.

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