The end of the world predicted by the Maya, or many people understand the wrong time, no wonder it didn’t come true!

The end of the world predicted by the Maya, or many people understand the wrong time, no wonder it didn’t come true!

Before human civilization, countless prehistoric civilizations were born in history, and they gradually disappeared in the long river of history. Human beings secretly congratulated themselves, but at the same time they could not help lamenting the strength of these prehistoric civilizations. Take Atlantis civilization for example. According to the book, it was completely destroyed in the ocean due to a flood. But for a long time, human beings have been looking for another trace in the sea?

The site of Atlantis

Once, when a satellite was photographing over the Sahara desert, it found a strange picture, a giant eye that could be seen clearly, even the pupil and eyelash. Its structure and structure were similar to Atlantis. Many people wonder if the so-called giant eye could be the site of Atlantis? Because this civilization is too far away from us, human beings can not produce exact evidence, all this has not yet been decided. The end of the world predicted by the Maya, or many people understand the wrong time, no wonder it didn’t come true!

The contribution of Maya civilization in its glory

In addition to Atlantis, the Maya civilization is also rare. At its most glorious time, it put forward many predictions, and almost all of them were realized, but the end of the world in 2012 did not come true. It fell from the sky, leaving a lot of precious wealth. The secret of the Mayan civilization is very complicated. In 1839, an American scientist discovered the ruins of the Mayan civilization in the tropical jungle of Honduras, which aroused a wave of enthusiasm. The Mayan civilization has a long history. The Mayans built pyramids and calculated accurate time calendars as if they could really predict the future.

The Mayan prophecy involves five solar periods. The first four solar periods are gradually destroyed, but the fifth solar period represents the end of the world. It’s been so long since 2012, and the world is still safe. Many people can’t help wondering why the Mayan prophecy didn’t come true? When scientists are studying, they make a guess that Mayan civilization has not disappeared, and there are still a group of Mayans in many areas. What they mean by the end of the world in 2012 is not the real end of the world, but the transformation and awakening of human spirit and consciousness, entering a new era, but that human beings misunderstand what they mean.

If so, then the Maya’s prediction is extremely accurate. After all, we have felt the progress of the era of science and technology in recent years, and mankind has indeed made obvious changes and awakening. They are also extremely accurate in digital calculation. They not only calculate the revolution of the earth, but also draw nautical charts. Each map is more accurate than the previous maps. This extraordinary talent has already left behind human civilization.

At that time, the technology of the Maya civilization in many aspects surpassed the era of life and was much more intelligent than we thought. Unfortunately, the Maya civilization suddenly disappeared. If they still exist in this world, maybe there is nothing more to do with human beings, and the power of human beings can not compete with them. What do you think is the reason for the disappearance of Maya civilization? You can leave a message for interaction.

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