The expansion of time, the backflow of time and space and the crossing of time and space exist, and Einstein’s prediction has been proved

For the concept of time, in the past, the author may think that it is a two-dimensional straight line, that is, it is directly divided into three blocks. The past, the present and the future are all unidirectional and irreversible.

There is a saying called “time is a butcher’s knife”. In fact, it also means that time can make people older. Now, however, my view of time has changed.

It is not a simple straight line and should not be regarded as just a concept. Therefore, there is no time, only time and space.

Time and space are things that happen in different periods. From the perspective of time and space, time is not a simple increment. It can exist in a variety of States, whether it is a negative number, a positive number or a combination of positive and negative numbers, which means that time can not only flow backward, but also cross the future. It can also appear in the past, present and future at the same time. This is scientifically known as the overlap of time and space.

Einstein affirmed this view in his general theory of relativity. He thinks that time and space constitute space and time, and space and time will be distorted by the expansion effect of time, which means that time is not constant, but changes with certain conditions. The faster you go, the slower time goes. When time reaches the speed of light, time will stop. When it exceeds the speed of light, time will reverse.

If the mass of an object is larger, its gravitational field will be stronger, and its time in this gravitational field will be shorter, that is to say, time can be changed. The two factors that change time are speed and quality.

In the past, when Einstein proposed the “time dilation effect”, some people questioned it. At that time, there was no condition for verification, so we had to question it all the time.

But now Einstein’s “time expansion effect” condition is basically satisfied. In order to prove the validity of this effect, scientists have carried out many experiments.

A physicist put a very accurate electronic clock on the plane, put the other on the ground to make it stand still, and then let the plane go round the earth.

As a result, the electronic clock on the plane is slower than on the ground. This confirms the conclusion that the faster the speed, the slower the time. NASA has carried out many similar experiments in space using satellite systems.

The results show that the time of the earth gravity field is different from that of the moon gravity field, which proves the existence of space-time distortion and time expansion. This experiment makes the “time dilation effect” proved to be correct again.

Now the only scientific prediction that has not been proved is that when the speed reaches the speed of light, time will stop. Exceeding the speed of light will reverse the flow of time. The condition of reaching the speed of light is too difficult to achieve.

One day man will prove that. Once proved successful, a new world and world outlook will emerge, such as TV dramas and novels that travel through time and space.

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