The expert injected 3.5 million years old bacteria into his body and claimed that he could live forever. Is he OK now?

The expert injected 3.5 million years old bacteria into his body and claimed that he could live forever. Is he OK now?

The old people often tell us that we must cherish the present and the people around us. As a floating horse between heaven and earth, in just a few decades, some people have a better life and constantly struggle, while others just want to take things as they are. After all, we can’t judge who is right or wrong. The only similarity between people is that they will face death.

Some time ago, the death of a generation of gamblers made many people realize that no matter they were poor or rich, they would die in the end. Since ancient times, there are many people in the pursuit of immortality, not hesitate to take the so-called panacea. This kind of behavior that goes against the law of nature will surely fail in the end. In the long course of history, there was a scientist who tried to solve the secret of human immortality. He risked his life by injecting 3.5 million years old bacteria into his body. Is he OK now?

Nowadays, many women also inject some bacteria into their bodies in order to love beauty, such as botulinum. The aim is to continue one’s own beauty, which is hard for many people to understand. As early as many years ago, there was a scientist who also made such a crazy move. He was brushkov. He had a great influence at that time. He discovered the mammoth bacteria 3.5 million years ago. In the process of studying this kind of bacteria, it was unexpectedly found that it also has activity. A terrible idea appeared in the minds of scientists. After 3.5 million years of survival, what happens when this kind of active bacteria is injected into humans?

To be safe, he injected the bacteria into the animals. To his surprise, the animal did not have any adverse reactions, even its reproductive capacity has been strengthened. One of the older mice survived the injection. The success of this experiment made his idea even stronger. He began to inject bacteria into his body, and within two years after the injection, he claimed that his body had no adverse reactions, even stronger than before.

When a female star learned about this, she hoped she could inject the bacteria to keep her youth forever. After the injection, there was no adverse reaction at the beginning. However, after three years, her physical condition is getting worse every day, and even the aging situation is getting worse. It can be seen that these viruses do have certain side effects.

It can be seen that the pursuit of beauty is not wrong, but everything must have a degree. In real life, many people inject bacteria into their bodies for the sake of beauty, which itself is a very dangerous thing. I don’t know what views you have on this? Welcome to leave a message in the comments area.

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