The extinction? In 2024, the earth may exceed the critical point of 1.5 degrees. Is La Nina useless?

Since mankind entered the industrial age, although the economic level continues to rise, the earth’s environmental pressure is very severe. Now all countries have formulated environmental protection policies, but in order to ease the earth’s environmental situation, human beings must control the temperature below 1.5 degrees. What worries scientists is that there is still a long way to go for human beings to achieve this goal. Now the global temperature rise continues to speed up and is almost reaching the lowest critical point.

“1.5 degree critical point”

According to the World Meteorological Organization, by 2024, there is a high probability that the earth’s temperature will rise by 1.5 degrees, which also means that if the earth’s environment is not improved after four years, it is basically a fantasy for human beings to control the temperature rise within 1.5 degrees. The figure of 1.5 is very small for human beings, but for the earth’s environment, a small number affects tens of millions of lives. According to the current development situation, even though human beings have made various efforts, the earth’s environment has not been effectively improved, and human beings are about to lose control of this situation.

Temperature rise does not appear in recent years. Since the industrial revolution, a large amount of carbon dioxide has been emitted into the air, accumulating over time, forming the present situation. The temperature is getting higher and higher, and the permafrost and glaciers in many cold regions are also melting rapidly. These permafrost contain methane and other greenhouse gases, which to a certain extent accelerates the vicious circle of the earth.

El Nino imbalance

Since 2020, the weather in many countries has become extremely extreme. China has issued a rainstorm warning for a month in a row. The United States has broken the 51 degree high temperature, and some areas even have no harvest. These natural phenomena will also affect the earth’s climate, such as El Nino. Although El Nino will disappear after a period of time, the temperature rise it brings is a long time. El Nino will cause the global temperature imbalance and even accelerate.

Can La Nina bring winter?

According to the data of scientists, the concentration of carbon dioxide emitted by human has exceeded 259%. The emission of methane has exceeded 147%, which is quite different from the environment before the industrial age. 2016 is the hottest year on record for scientists, and 2020 may break the record of 2016 and become the hottest year ever. Even though NASA of the United States has confirmed the formation of La Nina, in such an environment, it is very little that La Nina wants to reduce the global temperature and bring a cold winter.

Scientists often warn people that according to such a development situation, human beings are about to experience mass extinction. Such a statement is not groundless. They have counted the number of wild animals in the world in 50 years, and the number of birds and fish has decreased by more than 2 / 3. Therefore, the sixth mass extinction is likely to have come. What do you think?

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